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My old helmet

I did not have the good fortune to have a coach in my early life. Sure my folks were there and I played several instruments then played tennis for a few years but that was all.

I had plenty of great EMS partners who befriended me and helped me to achieve many accolades during my Paramedic profession. I also had the great fortune to have a best friend and business partner that developed a world class restaurant business together. I watched him evolve into an amazing insightful human being who mentors me to this day.

Several years ago I met and made a friend in a tennis pro, In other words, a real coach who I had a fluke coaching encounter with. As amazing as that experience was I thought it was a one off thing. This friendship lead me to a professional performance counselor that I saw in action helping my son improve his abilities when it comes to gymnastics.

I have always been open to getting a tune up from a professional counselor when a major event occurred in my life. I have also employed many mentors in my life to help me figure stuff out, but I can now proudly say “I have my own coach!”

What is a coach?

I’ve been jealous of the players who had one. Those guys in charge of the team yelling and pacing the sidelines. Up until now assumed that the great ones like Lombardi, Bryant, Walsh, and Kyzrzewsli were not meant to coach me. To my astonishment there are other great coaches among us and I have landed a doozie who I place on a similar pedestal.

A coach establishes a relationship and gets into your head. Then once inside starts to sort things out and make sense of the subconscious mind. They are there to teach, mentor, and assist in getting the most out of you. My coach says ” Joe, I am here to help you think about how to think about what you are thinking about” That is some heavy stuff!

Put me in coach!

Me in my helmet

Me in my new helmet

I used to blurt out jokingly “Put me in coach!” (With my flight helmet on backwards) when the tones went off. Now I see what what is going on and I am taking this coaching thing seriously. My new helmet looks more like this. I still want to be put in, but now I’m serious. In order to get different results I discovered that the tools to do that are in my possession.

One of my primary strength, I’m told, is the ability to stand outside myself to see what I am doing.  My coach is helping me see how I react to things that occur now then suggest how I can adapt in an effort to improve my results.

What an amazing thing, I feel like a new man full of promise, energy, and enthusiasm to take on anything and succeed. This sort of revolutionary change does not happen overnight. Surely the journey will be difficult at times, but by taking baby steps and believing in the process, I will get there and be a better person with stellar result.

I am comfortable being uncomfortable

Success is measured in many ways. By most measures I have already made it a couple times over. At this point I know what success smells like, feels like, and tastes like. When I get there I’ll let you all know! In the mean time I am grateful for all that I have created. I also revel in the joy that comes from working hard and figuring things out.

By surrounded myself with an amazing team and I feel at times that they are all here for a reason. I am taken back to the Wizard of OZ and the scene where Dorothy is waking up from her concussion surrounded by friends and family realizing that all of her dear friends were in her dream.

To everyone involved in my great adventure called life, I say thank you. This is no spectator sport, I’m not a good bench warmer. Now put me in coach!

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