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I read a morning inspirational post recently that hit on a thought that reminds me of myself and a few friends that I hang out with. We share a fearless gene that came from somewhere primitive that makes me tick.

Where Did My Confidence Come From?

I think I know, but I need to explore it further. I realize that creative people share this comfort with the unknown, the assumption that failure is just a part of success and that no matter what we will be successful. I have learned to embrace dis-ease as it is a precursor to great progress and new knowledge.

At Flying Pie, we made it clear that we always win. that kind of bravado is rare. At Life Flight we were it. If you were hurt in a 150 mile radius of Boise we were going to come to get you in the helicopter and get you back to the hospital safely and in be in better shape than when we found you. At Levco we have done some amazing projects. Why? because I have no fear and I surround myself with those who believe in me and trust me to accomplish what I set my mind to.

The World is Conspiring to Help Me

I have so many resources at my fingertips and feel that the world is conspiring to help me. That is just how I roll. As I have matured as a remodeler and as a business person I realize that I am not responsible to solve every problem for everyone and that I am often better at saying a word that is hard to form in my mouth and harder to utter NOOOOO!

The Word “No” Has Changed My Life

Figuring out that ” just because I can, doesn’t mean I should” has breathed new life into my age-old quest for reasonable profitability, calm, and freedom. I have needed constant help and guidance. Nothing about the word “NO” comes easy to me. “YES” has gotten me into trouble so many times I shudder at the mistakes I have made. All learning experiences mind you that I have recovered from but at what cost?

That Which Does Not Kill You

Fearlessness is fine, hell risking my life was a part of my job. These days I have made it a practice of checking in or “Pausing before I promise” a term Howard Olivier coined for me. Honestly, it has taken decades to trust the instincts of those around me that are far more intuitive than me. I survived because wanted to live, there was some luck involved to be clear. I am on borrowed time after all and it is my pledge to use it wisely.

My most valuable tool now is to taking the time to reflect on my results. Then kept track of the score. This is the gold that I mine regularly in my practice. Keeping track of the recipe if you will, so that when you knock it out of the park you know what you did and vice versa.

There Is A Silver Lining

Take it from me, the belief that guides me fearlessly forward in the fog is the lighthouse is there and shining brightly. Trusting that my good intentions and my ability to solve complex problems has never let me down. Faith in that there is a solution waiting to be discovered. It is always darkest before the light. Turn on all of your senses, be on a prolonged heightened state of alert. That is were the excitement is for me, discovering solutions to design problems. Being able to draw and express myself. Using my creativity by getting beautiful projects done collaboratively.

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