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remodeling cost vs Vaklue BoiseThe new Cost VS Value 2011-2012 addition of Remodeling Magazine has arrived. This is their ninth year and have seen some slight but steady trending shifts. Here is the two bullet synopsis.

  • The BAD 🙁 news is that the continuous drop in home values, combined with a steady rise in construction costs, has decreased the value of many remodeling projects.
  • The GOOD 🙂 news is that the value replacement components, IE. windows and doors has remained stable. Getting the funds for a major remodel remains difficult, so the general trend is to do smaller projects. Projects are being paid for in cash and thus tend to be smaller in scope.

On a brighter note, Levco is positioned to capture a large part of the remodeling segment by focusing on a fairly new element of remodeling I like to call “Aged Home Upgrades“. This is a phrase I coined and like to use to describe our niche. It refers to the age of the home not necessarily the occupants. Look for lots of new content regarding this topic.

Their homes are in older, established neighborhoods. Many folks have either living been living in their homes for a long time or have paid them off. This means they have either known for years what would make living in them better, or just know that it is time to update a room or two. Often the kids are gone and rather than downsizing in this economy…they choose to upgrade.

AHU (Aged Home Upgrades) also encompasses a popular trend called Universal Design. This encompasses a real surge in the industry to help folks stay in their homes and live in relative comfort rather than being forced to live with outdated and difficult to use bathrooms and kitchens.

Aged Home Upgrades Boise

Universal Design

Universal Design (UD):

  • The design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or specialized design.
  • A user-friendly approach to design in the living environment where people of any culture, age, size, weight, race, gender and ability can experience an environment that promotes their health, safety and welfare today and in the future.


If this sounds like exactly what you are looking for, then you have found the remodeler that speaks your language. We are ready to come evaluate your home for some upgrades that will surely add value to your home while adding enjoyment and pleasure to your life.

We will be presenting this topic at a FREE one hour seminar at the Idaho Remodeling Show. 3PM Saturday January 28th 2012 at the Boise Centre on the Grove, hope to see you there.

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