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TR Tamper Resistant or Totally Ruined

The 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code) required electricians to install TR or Tamper Resistant outlets in areas that could be abused by children. As the code was adopted gradually from township to township, the little devices were put on the market and the rules started to be enforced. The code reads that if a child...

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My Mother is moving in, now what?

I often see trends in my practice. A recurrent one, and one worthy of talking about, is multigenerational living. Grandma “Tuni” As a kid, I recall my Grandma Fortune Levitch moving in for some rehabilitation of yet another hip replacement. After eons of being wheelchair bound, she was a pioneer in hip replacement techniques and materials. She...

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Curbless, Barrier Free Showers in Turmoil

“Curbless Showers” AKA “Barrier Free Showers” or “Zero Entry Showers” or “Freedom Showers”, are a hot topic in Idaho right now. It all started when the Idaho association of building officials realized that every municipality is handling them differently. Some allow curbless showers and others forbid them. I have written about them in the past...

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Curbless Showers in Boise

After taking my UDCP training through NARI, I realized that curbless showers were going to be a great addition for anyone and everyone who wanted us to remodel their bathroom. Reflecting on my past experience, I recall having a plumbing inspector refuse to allow us to create one and citing a plumbing code that prohibited...

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Are Your Parents Still Living at Home?

I read a fantastic article written by a friend of mine, Aaron D. Murphy, an architect in the Seattle area. He talks about his aging parents, then essentially takes a snapshot of the moment in time that he finds himself living in. I am about 800 miles away from my folks, but the reality is,...

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To Remodel or Move On

I recently viewed a TV home improvement show called “Love It or List It” that encourages folks to either fall in love with their home and remodel, or move on. Then a realtor friend of mine sent me an article in her flyer that pushed me over the edge. It had an overtone of caution...

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How Can I Stay in My Home?

There is a time in most of our lives where a decision needs to be made about elder care. My (state the relationship) wants to stay in their home and avoid the retirement home, convalescent facility, or old folks home you know, the raisin ranch. This is a common question that keeps coming up during...

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Aged Home Upgrades

Levco has been remodeling in Boise Idaho for the past 6 years and just renewed our registration for another year with the Idaho  Bureau of Occupational Licensing. This makes us a well established remodeling company here in Boise Idaho. We recently had an internal focus group session on what sets us apart from our competitors,...

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Cost Vs Value 2011-2012

The new Cost VS Value 2011-2012 addition of Remodeling Magazine has arrived. This is their ninth year and have seen some slight but steady trending shifts. Here is the two bullet synopsis. The BAD 🙁 news is that the continuous drop in home values, combined with a steady rise in construction costs, has decreased the...

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