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Bad Service

Reaching the highest level of customer service can only be achieved through having an above-zero interaction. in other words a neutral transaction can only lead to a neutral impression. Big box stores like Costco are struggling with this situation daily so they try to load up the front of the store with service people and receipt checkers.

At a local supermarket they ask “did you find everything OK?” I often say no, then they’re stumped, or “Is that all you’ve got”?

Truly bad service is an art form. Companies that do this deserve what they get. Yesterday I went through the “drive through” at Starbucks, the woman started by telling me that they have some weird double mocha wing ding of a drink on special that I could care less about…I proceeded to tell her I couldn’t understand what that had to do with the drink I wanted. She then responded with a sarcastic statement. I, instead of escalating, did the calm compassionate thing and just drove on through.

Occasionally I am pleasantly surprised by someone that shatters the mold and is ready and able to take care of business. This is reminiscent of a video I watched years ago at the suggestion of an Alberston’s manager who loaned it to us. What I recall is that it was a Tom Peters video showed multiple examples of above and beyond service. In one case an angry client called to complain and got way up the corporate chain. She was abruptly stopped with a woman who was able to take his problem and explore it together. In the end all he wanted was to talk with someone who cared and listened to his complaint. Once he was satisfied that he told someone who cared, he was content and satisfied. I just had a similar wonderful experience that is worth boasting about.

the Receptionist

After running into dead ends all afternoon on the phone, I called anxiously close to the end of the day to find out about a type of rubber stair tread material that a client wanted but that I had been unable to find in town. The phone was answered by who I thought was a receptionist. She kept asking me questions I asked her if she was a salesman. No she said they had all gone home at 4:30, anxious to get to a salesman I was about to hang up and leave a message but she kept asking questions as if she was going to try to help me.

By the end of the call she had me convinced she could help me and not only understood what I wanted but had several options and a selection of what I needed. This type of service is so rare it deserves celebration. My hat is off to you Jessica Davis at CFI you are an amazing person with uncommon abilities that any employer should be proud to employ. Keep up the great work. At Levco Remodeling, we are all about pointing out “above-zero stuff”

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