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Wild flowers

Wild flowers

Does green remodeling cost more? It depends upon when you are doing the accounting. If you are counting the upfront cost, then perhaps it does. If you are counting after the X and Y curves cross in a few years then, -no it doesn’t.

Trust me, there are seemingly intuitively “Green” seeming things that are absolutely not green at all.

I recall a humorous conversation with a client that lives near our local Co-Op. (a place I love but is a specialty store for me). I was showing off the green aspects of the DOW when they stopped me in my tracks and asked to have the green things eliminated to save money.

Wow I had not realized it but the connection is that being green costs extra. It doesn’t help that Whole Foods is here now, nicknamed “Whole Paycheck”.

Now that’s organic looking, but who knows?

Naturally this is often the case when we see that organic things cost more at the checkout line. Carrots are carrots, if you can’t taste the difference why should you pay more. If you were paying attention to what you are eating and were doing a blind taste test, my guess is that you may not be able to taste a difference. I admire those that choose “Healthier” food, don’t get me wrong, but you must admit it is ironic that we are talking about cost vs. value here too.

The problem is that being Green and being Organic are two different things entirely. Unfortunately, the Green Remodeling process has a serious marketing problem to address.

I encourage the use of green materials and techniques but I am at the whim of my clients’ requests. I also understand that not everyone is interested or willing to try alternative materials or techniques which is OK.

Sustainability Logo

Our Sustainability Logo

The only way this green stuff is going to be incorporated on a large scale is to limit availability or eliminate availability of wasteful materials and building techniques.

If I were a spec home builder, I could incorporate all sorts of green things and price the home accordingly, allowing the market to set the price or shall I say value of my project but alas I am not.

In the meantime I approach each project as a unique opportunity to do what I can to be true to my 4 principals of green or shall I say, sustainable remodeling.


Second Chance

As the economy eases up and manufacturers are being pressured into being more energy efficient and ecologically sensible. I see more products are evolving into the realm of being more verdant.

As a professional residential remodeler, I am looking to the future. I am also keeping a finger on the pulse of the manufacturing world while scouring the recycled building sources, to make sure to make these materials and products available for my clients to choose to incorporate into their remodeling projects.

We are exploring a new relationship with Second Chance involving tax credits for donated item and dedicated deconstruction teams. If it works, it may evolve into being a real player in offsetting the cost of remodeling projects. I also just learned about a pneumatic de-nailing tool that sounds pretty cool too. Stay tuned for more on the topic.

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