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Why on earth would you liken a concert performance to a remodeling project?

Have you ever been to a concert where you clapped so darn hard on your feet at the end of the set that the performing group returned to do an encore, then did it again? Oh ya the standing “O” nothing beats it in my book. I have!

It dawned on me that many of our remodeling clients have figured out that Levco slowly but surely earns the respect and trust to remodel again when the needs arrive.

Brand Loyalty is A Big Thing

Dave Mathews in Idaho

How often do you buy a new car? Although you may not want to admit it when you develop a trusting relationship with a vendor you usually stick with them. I’ve followed many salespeople from job to job because I developed fierce personal loyalty and know what I can expect of the person. The same goes for brand loyalty in most cases. If we get to remodel your home we want to leave a lasting amazingly positive impression. Shame on us if we don’t.

A One Hit Wonder? I Don’t Think So

Vince Guaraldi’s iconic jazz instrumental Cast your fate to the wind was labeled a one-hit-wonder. Vince went on to have many more successes with the Snoopy soundtracks but none were as popular as his first and only big top-20 pop hit.

We strive to create that level of relationship on every project. An encore to me says we loved it so much we want to have you do it again.

The Prospect

I often visit homes that have been remodeled within the past 5 years and I ask. Who was your previous remodeler and why aren’t you using them? The name of the company is rarely remembered but how it made them feel was. A miscommunication that was blown out of proportion, a missing thing that was blamed on the contractor. A messy job site. It took longer than expected. It cost more than initially stated. I listen carefully and let it harden my resolve to never be that guy.

The Encore

Setting the stage for success is the big deal, we want everyone to understand what to expect from our performance then we want to make sure we exceed expectations. To that end, we need to be aware that our remodeling of your home is not a one-hit-wonder.

 4 Times is Our Record So Far

We go back and do more projects for our clients on a regular basis, for some it is just budgetary, and for others, it is the Ah-Ha moment when the next great remodeling project is conceived. No matter the reason, we strive to create a relationship that inspires confidence and repeatable excellence, great value, and confidence.

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