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As I was telling a story about how much I used to enjoy being a paramedic and realizing that being a remodeler does allow me access to people’s lives, just at a different level of intensity.

911 used to be my invitation to get involved, usually within 3 – 5 minutes when I worked on the ambulance. At those times it was intense and rushed during some form of crisis or another. The tension required me to establish instant trust.

How it Worked in EMS

My goal was to understand the chief complaint, untangle it from the chief problem by using the tools of getting vital signs while taking a focused history, understanding the mechanism of injury in many cases, doing a head-to-toe then a focused physical exam and then combine my subjective and objective findings to make a field diagnosis provide care and a plan to get the patient to definitive care.

How it Works in Remodeling

In my remodeling profession, I do much of the same thing when I get invited to a discovery session.

Marketing is the new 911 to get an invitation to a seat at the dining room table. How I handle myself and the conversations have an eerily similar path to getting through the process of discovering what is going on and what the dream of remodeling can bring. I ask lots of questions and look past things that are irrelevant to get to the root cause of the issues. As I use my senses to gather and form a full picture of the pain and eventually come up with a holistic solution and idea of what it would cost to fix the problem.

What I Don’t Do

I leave the emergency remodeling like flood and fire clean up to others. My work now is more like a hip replacement or cataract surgery for something that has been nagging for years. Definitive care comes through a process of discovery in a Design Agreement and navigating the floor plans, specifications, and material selections.

Charting A Plan of Action

Gantt Schedule

To this extent, I use that first visit time wisely and either share my enthusiasm for the solution or steer the conversation to an alternative solution. I am a good listener and problem solver regardless if I can actually fix anything I will know you better, have developed some trust, and have a much deeper understanding of what is happening at your home. I share the process of discovery and how we plan to fix the problem and give your home a new lease on life. Weather it its an invitation to our design process or a referral to a more appropriate specialist. I share my thoughts and typically leave on a high note.

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