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There is a classic fable that simply and elegantly explains what I am doing, and why I am working so hard, or so much, depending upon your perspective.

It has to do with a man that observes others doing menial labor in the form of moving rocks at a job site. He tries to figure out why, despite the fact that they are all doing the same thing, each one appears to be doing the job with different amounts of enthusiasm.

the Cathedral.

Three guys at work

  1. When asked, the first one replied with low enthusiasm,” I’m moving rocks from this pile here, to the next pile over there”. Obviously, this person is focused on the task at hand.
  2. The second one when asked responded with a little more enthusiasm, “as soon as I finish moving this pile I can go fishing.”  This one was more interested in what he was going to do after work which helped him tolerate the work.
  3. The third one was full of enthusiasm when asked said ” I am helping to build a cathedral.” Although doing the same menial tasks, the third person understood that through his work that something great was being built that will last and become a place of great beauty and that he was creating something that had meaning beyond the structure.

No, I’m not judging others. I just happen to understand that I am a cathedral builder. No matter the menial task I enjoy working both with my hands and my mind.

Often accused of being a work-a-holic, I prefer the monicker work-o-maniac. The difference I believe is in the way I approach the task at hand. Do I enjoy my work?  Am I being creative? Do people appreciate what I am doing? The simple answer is yes to all of them.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Sturdy rock wall

I get inspiration from the simplest things, I feel like I am figuring out a very difficult puzzle, or creating a sturdy rock wall. Right now my focus is upon creating a profitable well-respected remodeling business one project at a time. Is there an end in sight …not that I can see from here? The metaphor however works for me.

Why remodeling in Boise Idaho you ask?  I suppose it could have been any line of work anywhere. I feel that the mirage of owning and operating a successful, profitable, well-run business has always been just past my fingertips. Not that I haven’t had my share of successes. Deep down, I also want to show my father Ed, that I can do it. He still has excitement about working on his remodeling business in Berkeley California with my brother Maurice and sharing his wisdom with us whenever he can.

The reward in remodeling for me is the thrill I get when I figure something complicated out or discover a better way of doing something. I am especially happy when I am given the opportunity to improve living spaces. After all, I get to work on one of the most basic needs required for life, shelter.

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