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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 22 seconds

Soylent Green

Ok, there, I went Soilent Green on you. Homes need ventilation, they have skin that protects us from the elements, they have an insulation layer, they consume energy and use thermoregulation to keep us warm and cool, they have a plumbing system that takes in and excretes. They have an electrical system. They have warning systems, they can communicate and they can fall apart with illness and age. They can also hold up and last for ages if they are maintained and well cared for.

Caveat Emptor

Caveat emptor is Latin for “Let the Buyer Beware” Much like the “sold as is” sticker you would see in a used car, your home is one of those complex things that provides shelter and so much more.

If You Think About it

There are so many things that work and some that don’t so well. Building Science is trying to stay up on it all. Many of the homes we work on were built long before building codes were invented by the insurance industry to reverse the trend of buildings injuring and killing people that lived in them.

Houses are a complex series of systems working together to make your home a safe, comfortable, healthy environment that is energy efficient. The design takes much of the credit but building code.

Un Maintained, Your Home Will Turn to Dust

I have dedicated myself to understanding homes and how they work. I get that they are complicated organisms that have systems that if tuned properly and maintained last for hundreds of years.

Having Been in the Medical Field, I Get It

“The House Whisperer” is an endearing moniker that takes me to places where homes are causing illness of the inhabitance or untangling baffling situations that happen when things go wrong. It occurs to me that it is not too uncommon to find problems that for whatever reason are baffling to homeowners.

Things go wrong and wear out, loving older homes I get to see some of the good, bad, and the ugly. I recently bought a home that came back onto the market because the home inspector managed to frighten the prospective Homeowner into backing out. The home inspection company is nicknamed “The deal killers” Thank you for being so thorough and honest with the buying public. This was a case of deferred maintenance that when you add it all up just doesn’t make sense to buy for the typical busy person.

I Love It When Asked, “What could I Do to Make My House Better?

Were there problems? Yes. Even if every one of the things that the inspector found were fixed you would still have an older home that is in a way outdated and in need of a remodel. I believe I have almost tackled all of the listed items and I found a few more things they missed. I have made plans to remodel as well because I believe it was built with a minimalist attitude. The home is a perfect fit for me because I have the tools and talent to make it much better than it ever was.

In closing, So let’s grow old gracefully along with our homes, Realize that they take tender loving care. Treat them as if it matters as much as your health. Get a check-up periodically, do what the good doctor says, and do not ignore warning signs. With luck, we can keep it out of the landfill and heaven forbid a delicious vegan meal.

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