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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 10 seconds

At Levco we pride ourselves on offering advice in a loving way. When it comes to design decisions or finish material selections we, understand that in some cases everything is already selected. In cases where nothing is pre-selected, our interior designer helps make sure your selections all tie together.

I get by

I get by…

I Get by With a Little Help…

A prominent industry leader speaking about sales training reminded us that our clients likely need help making decisions and selections whether they are willing to admit it or not. We do stuff all the time that a client may only do once in their life.

Occasionally our clients want us to be order takers and that’s OK too. When we do make suggestions or recommendations we are geared to help, not judge.

A sales associate at a local supply house gave an eye roll to a client and said, “Don’t you think that will look a little Vegas”? That was it, meeting over.  No matter what, you are the ultimate arbiter of your taste and you (have to/get to) live with the decisions you make both aesthetically and financially.

We Will Gladly Accompany You to the Wholesale Showrooms

Ferguson Showroom

Showrooms are the ultimate shopping arena. Until the internet can allow you to use more senses than sight, showrooms are the best. Knowledgeable showroom staff are experts in their products and can assist us with their unique specialty products. Rather than being overwhelmed, our clients have appreciated our ability to get the materials down to a reasonable few to select from.

In the event you want to do a self-guided tour (which we do not recommend), we can arrange one. Our show rooms are largely wholesale shops, and therefore require appointments to get the most out of your time.

There Is Nothing More Satisfying Than Shopping With an Expert

Once a contract amount has been agreed upon, you get a designer and your very own MSS (Master Selection Sheet). Combined these make up a winning team. the budget is provided to the designer whose job it is to guide you to the area of the store that has the level of finish that will fit your budget.

We will arrange for a time to have a guided shopping experience with the goal of knocking as much as possible off the list. Occasionally we need to go again, but what could be more fun and satisfying? You get the benefit of an expert to assist you, to make sure you are selecting something that will work and fits the budget.

In closing, if the fear of making decisions about your material selections has you waffling on a contractor to select, pick Levco. We have a Dream Team to meet your needs.

Is This How All Contractors Do It?

Why no, thanks for asking. There is no rule book or standard way the industry does it. To be honest, this idea sprouted from many positive interactions and some failed attempts (including tears shed) to provide the most appropriate service.

This is where we set ourselves apart and where the gooey center lies for me and my team. Once we figure out a better way, there is no going back.

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