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Have I got your hackles up yet?

The truth is that many companies have evolved into remodeling for themselves by flipping homes or building spec. homes for this very reason. Lord knows the profession has a black eye over the subject, yet I get a respectful percentage of my business from referrals.

Angie's List

Angie’s List

Where do you get your information? Angie’s List is the ultimate insult to me as a professional. As far as I can tell it is a venting platform for those in the heat of frustration, and a paid platform for contractors to advertise.

Being a people person, in my chosen profession, figuring out this stuff is right up my alley. I understand that clients come in all shapes and sizes with personalities that run the gambit: from casual to uptight, or from controlling, to going on vacation during the project.

Realizing that this is a big part of how much fun we have, made me want to seriously study it.

The first thing I know, is that if you show any chink in the “I’m in control” armor, you’re done!

Up A Tree

Getting back in control of a runaway train before it causes chaos, is nearly impossible, but they always stop eventually.

Another analogy is as my firefighter friend Ron said “I’ve never seen a cat skeleton in a tree, they always come down.”

The next thing I know is that there is no better way to show how you provide great customer service than by having some sort of problem occur.

Do we purposely make problems? NO! Clearly, remodeling is not easy, and shit happens, that is a given. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Oh wait, everyone is doing it, though some obviously better than others.

Good communications is the basis for resolving issues, and fortunately we have invested heavily into a great communication platform in our client portal.

The good news is that we have tenacity and don’t shy away from these things.



As I like to say, for most problems, “A clever solution is just around the corner.” I am in the habit of running towards problems with lights and sirens, and I have infused my company with this reality.

There are no problems without resolution. Granted, some are painful, but there is a lesson in every one.

Use Levco, they are 8 years into it and nearly completely pre-disastered! (As in the world according to Garp)


In my mind, an issue is what pops up first, and often just blurting it out, brings it into focus. Then we quickly determine if it’s a problem or a situation.


A problem is easy. I say, “Just fix it!” These things happen hourly in many cases and are fixed in stride. I am a great resource for solving them, but odds are my field folks will handle it without my input.


A situation, on the other hand, is a bigger deal. A delicate solution may be more elusive. Often rectifying a situation requires a 30,000 foot reevaluation of the issue, and is not a quick fix. I manage situations; that’s just what I do.

Mother & Child

Mother & Child

To suggest that these things don’t happen is to have a revisionist view of history. Fortunately, we as a species are prone to forget the pain quickly and focus on the good parts of everything.

If not for this selective memory, let’s face it, we would be extinct.

Can we please everyone? NO. Yet despite the unpleasant parts, we make a humungous effort to make every project better than the last.


If this sort of insight and commitment is what you seek in a remodeling firm, then I believe you have found your remodeler.

What can Levco do for you?

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