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House Of Cards

What do you mean? I mean that I get calls to come and inspect projects where the contractor and homeowner for a myriad of reasons have stopped a project in progress. There was a contract it was breached and here we are. Two upset parties and a pile of unfulfilled expectations. I put on my inspector hat and go have a look. I do this work for a fee. I make it clear that I have no conflict of interest and I go have a look.

Oddly, wounded clients call. I have yet to get a call from a wounded contractor. Truth be told I would rather counsel a contractor. I have been the victim of a wounded client and I went though an ethics investigation by my NARI piers. I learned a ton and the issues were resolved to the client’s satisfaction. I left with my head held high and some piers knowing that I am in their league when it comes to quality craftsmanship.

Yes, But I Got A Really Good Deal

Times are fat, there are lots of new contractors starting their companies who are inexperienced. There is sadly no training for them, so they learn it on the street. Teachers are far and few between. Shit happens that is unrecoverable. This is the state of the industry when you select a small inexperienced company. Our state (Idaho) has no licensing so the hurdle to a contractor is insanely low.

In some cases,

  1. I shed light on miscommunication and help parties prevent lawsuits.
  2. When liens are threatened, I can steer folks back together with their contractors in others I can explain to the contractor what went wrong and how to prevent this from happening in the future.
  3. After the project has gone over the proverbial waterfall, I gather data for attorneys.

This is Lawyer Land

A partial list of egregious errors or omissions that have sunken a project

  • The contract was flawed, missing necessary language or paragraphs.
  • The payment schedule was flawed or payment was missed
  • The description of work was flawed or never existed
  • Hidden conditions were discovered that could not be afforded.
  • The homeowner locked the contractor out
  • There was no mention of how to resolve disputes in the contract.
  • The contractor stopped showing up.

How May I Be Of Service?

As an MCR (Master Certified Remodeler), I see things through a different lens than a layman.

  1. I can make objective findings
  2. I can completely photo-document existing conditions.
  3. I can gather and evaluate documentation
  4. I can ask a bunch of questions
  5. I can provide calming reassurance.
  6. I can act as an expert witness.
  7. I can provide names and numbers to alert the authorities of the situation.

What Makes This Service Worth It?

Since I do not have a dog in the fight. I am not going to fix what is broken. I objectively document and fill in the gaps for the attorney. I can add professional experience and clear up misconceptions about how remodeling should be done. I can provide advice as to the next steps on getting some sort of resolution. I can make recommendations. I can provide clarity about the state of the industry and who is watching out for you and your neighbors. I can share contact information for the agencies and authorities that regulate the industry.

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