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Dream Fluff

As a kid growing up in Berkeley California, there was a place that had a profound impact upon my life. It was a simple doughnut shop on Ashby near College Avenue. It was always a special occasion to go there and I am so thankful for being exposed to great stuff as a child.

My best friend and Flying Pie Pizza business partner Howard Olivier always said, “If you were only ever exposed to cafeteria pizza as a child, then Pizza Hut is pretty darn good”. Besides great doughnuts, great bagels, coffee, and fantastic breakfasts, to name a few of my fond memories, I learned that great is what (it) is all about.

Dream Fluff had a special meaning because of a simple poster that was up on the wall for years. I memorized the saying but until now figured I would never see it again. Dream Fluff had changed hands and when I asked about the poster, it was long gone. Fortunately, the donuts are still great.

Speaking of which we need Pastry Perfection to bring back the French Doughnut with Egg in the batter, I guess they are labor-intensive and a little more expensive to produce so they rarely make them anymore.

After stopping in at DK’s Doughnuts this morning, I decided to look for the saying online, and low & behold, I found it. Many thanks to the person that posted this.

As you Ramble…

The optimist’s creed by Adolph Levitt helped shape my being. There are many times that I have felt this way and am thankful for so much. I recall arguing with my physician director at the time, about being a half-full kind of guy to which he replied that he was half empty, how sad I said.

At Levco I set out to bring all of the cool things about growing up in the bay area working for my dad in remodeling to Boise Idaho. The level of customer service and GAS (Give A Shit) is unmatched in our region from what I can tell and I feel that it is a big part of my niche.

As part of our internal evaluation process, I ask my employees to give examples of showing that they care. So, in a way, keeping an eye upon the doughnut is what this business is all about.

I was recently reminded about a cool story that I have asked my client to write up in her own words. It was about a disaster that occurred in the east end when a tree fell on her home, but another example just popped up that I need to share.

During a recent HVAC subcontractor meeting at a home, the owner happened to be listening in. We were scratching our heads on how we were going to get enough return air to her furnace. We also realized that her furnace had been starved for air since it was installed 15 years ago. She had to leave before we had settled upon our best option. Later that day, I called her to let her know that we had figured out our best option and that she would have to lose a few inches of her kitchen to accommodate the fix.


What she told me made my day. Not only did she say “OK” to the modification but she told me that she could feel that I really cared about her home. She went on to say that it was incredibly comforting and reassuring that she wasn’t the only one.

I explained that this is who I am, and these are the subcontractors and employees that I have chosen to surround myself with. This is what my company is all about. “It is like being on stage,”  I tell my folks you rarely get to know who is watching but I assure them that we are always being watched.

If you are a prospective client that is looking for someone who operates a company that cares about your home, then Levco and our remodeling team are worth looking into.

As I reflect upon what I do for a living, I often ask… is everything I do satisfying and rewarding? No, not always, but most of the time. Do I look for the stuff I am grateful for and celebrate it often when I hit it out of the park? Yup, I do. Is this a recipe for fun and satisfaction? Yes, by golly, It is.

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