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Careful, Hot!

Careful, Hot!

Here in Southwest Idaho we enjoy all four seasons of the year. This is a fairly close held secret “we don’t get the extremes or any of life threatening stuff much of the rest of the country has to deal with.” We are also blessed with a relatively low energy rates both electricity and natural gas.

Regardless, everyone I know wants to be energy conscious and thrifty. This brings me to an article I enjoyed from, that is an expose about stupid energy saving ideas that are questionable at best. Like the show, Myth Busters, the article puts the kibosh on fabled urban legend.

My son Ethan recently corrected me when I said someone acted like a “bull in a china shop.” He said, “a bull in a china shop doesn’t do much damage dad, that myth was busted!”


The Green Building Advisor website

As you know, we at Levco talk a lot about energy and how it relates to remodeling in Boise Idaho. After reading the article carefully, it is important to note that although not necessarily energy saving, some of the things that were mentioned are worthy of doing for other reasons.

  • One example is indoor comfort and elimination the stack effect specifically leaving the fan in the “ON” position for even heating and cooling.
  • Having someone look at your aging furnace occasionally, may help you sleep better at night and ward off unexpected costly service work.
  • Changing furnace filters when necessary, as you know a clogged filter will decrease the ability for the conditioned air to circulate properly.

All in all, I enjoyed dwelling on the funny things that are suggested and having the factual information from a trusted source to rebut and debunk some of these silly energy saving recommendations from around the country.

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