Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 15 seconds

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 15 seconds

I just added a module to the website. It is designed to keep everyone in the loop. The idea was not new; I just found a company that provides a needed service that I did not need to invent. I partnered with a company that has created an amazing tool. They also seem to be interested in getting new ideas so I will be a great partner in that respect. Now my clients have the ability to view everything about their projects anytime. They can keep up on daily logs and change orders, as well as photos and documents from the comfort of anywhere. Check out the video demo on the website.

Portal Screen Shot

It has already paid for itself in catching potential confusion and eliminating unnecessary phone calls. It is also the official site for all selections and communications as well as a hub for my subcontractors to get vital information.

The schedule is easily modified and  gives a real time look at what has happened, what will happen, and when appointments are scheduled.

I believe this has set me apart from my competitors just a little further. It also erases a frustrating component of remodeling that I never liked. It sets my clients apart too. If you are the kind of client that likes to know what is going on and where important documents are kept, then Levco is the contractor for you. See the entire web page at