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wonderful world

Wonderful world

Home improvement is exciting with its promise of new space, improved performance, updated looks, and—stress? Oh yeah.  Let’s be honest.  For the “gain” of a new and better structure, we must endure the “pain” of construction noise, dust, and disruption.

             We at Levco, we understand the inconveniences that are part and parcel of remodeling and do our best to minimize them.  We are committed to making this as positive an experience for you as possible.  With that in mind we have outlined roughly what you can expect during construction. 


            First, feel free to communicate your concerns with us whenever they arise so we can fix things quickly or circumvent them entirely.  We will likewise apprise you of our stumbling blocks or potential problems we encounter that might interfere with quick and smooth completion of our project.  Be aware, however, that precise timelines are impossible to predict.  Delays are sometimes caused by difficult access, unusual weather, complicated or unforeseen design elements, inconvenient workspace, and the health and even personalities of all the players.  Projects often grow in scope while underway too, adding time to completion.

            Because most projects include forced downtime (Waiting for plaster or paint to dry, concrete to set up, subcontractors to arrive, etc.), we work on several projects simultaneously for efficiency.  If you get the impression your project is being neglected, please let us know and we will work things out to your satisfaction.

            We have learned that it is best to designate one person as your “official” communicator to minimize confusion.  It isn’t that we won’t enjoy talking with all partners or family members, but if one tells us to paint it black and another tells us charcoal, and a third party midnight gray…Some owners appoint one person to address design, structural issues, and finances; another color schemes, patterns, and finish materials.

            Our official spokesman is Mario, he oversees production for the entire company.  Talk to him about the big picture.  The assigned Project Superintendent is  focused on your project, talk to them about scheduling, minor problems or concerns and subcontractors. Speaking to subcontractors is counterproductive and not helpful.


            Normally, we work 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, but sometimes start as early as 7:00 a.m., or press on past 4:30 p.m.  We will try to let you know in advance.  If you would like us to work later or start earlier, please let us know.  Our hours conform to city noise ordinances.  Sometimes we may ask to work on a Saturday.


            Before beginning, we will place a handsome sign in your yard announcing that a construction project will be underway.  We provide our contact information and encourage them to call if we can do anything to make life easier and more convenient during construction. 


            Who hasn’t worried about “light-fingered” carpenters?  We have developed good relationships with honest, dependable subcontractors over many years.  To the best of our knowledge they and our own crew are trustworthy and honest; but if you are concerned, let’s discuss it.  Many individuals will be passing through your home.  Doors, windows, even walls may be open for hours as a time and complete strangers could wander through, passing themselves off as cousin Jim.  It is also common to misplace items during the confusion of construction.  Overall, it’s best to remove or lock up any valuables.  We make every effort to secure your home when we leave each day, including providing a lock box so that just one master key is in circulation.


            We are often asked to sign for packages or admit strangers to homes where we are working.  Please let us know if you are expecting guests, workers on other projects, or deliveries for which we should sign.


            Your home may soon have temporary holes in floors or walls, open electrical boxes, nails, loose boards, and other hazards.  We will keep things as neat and safe as possible, but suggest you educate children and visitors about the risks and danger of playing and walking through construction areas.


            We don’t want Fluffy to get her tail in a saw or Rover to slip out an open door, so please make arrangements to contain pets for their safety and ours.  We need to direct full attention to completing our work and can’t accept responsibility for roaming pets or tracking poops into the project.


            Our policy is not to use your tools.  Since many look alike, we might grab the wrong one, break it, or even haul it to another job site, so it is best if you put yours away or mark them boldly.  Because of our concern for your safety, we cannot allow you to use our tools either.

            We look forward to a smooth, successful completion of your project and a pleasant, long-term relationship.  Much of our business is repeat or referral, so let’s keep the lines of communication open and nip the problems in the bud.