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I recently upset an architect that drew a shower pan we were supposed to build. The large format tiles would have many cuts. Rather than go back to the architect to figure out a better solution, I used the advice of the tile company that was installing and needed to warranty their work. I got the owners approval and moved forward. There is more than one right way to do many things I was reminded.

Who Knows Best?

It made perfect sense to me to consult the trade professional. I explained our solution to the client and got a signed no-charge Change Order approved. Everything was going swimmingly until I asked the architect a question and that led to a site visit where feelings were hurt.

Levco is the overarching company responsible for the quality of the project I felt that we did the right thing by consulting our tile professionals. We switched the plane to slope in one direction and used a lineal drain. It preserved the look of the large format tiles and was a more modern looking design which fit with the theme of the project.

Conflict Resolution

Another way would have been to alert the owner to the problem then let them solve it to their satisfaction with the architect. The client, in this case, had the relationship with the architect. I regret not saying to the owner. Hey we have a problem that needs to be solved. Then let them figure it out!

I would assume the architect would have consulted us and the tile folks too, but I can’t be sure. Without a pause button or time machine, I could only dream about how I could have handled this situation better.

As it turned out, the owner was out of touch for a few weeks I took a chance and proceeded with the plan we came up with and fortunately, it all worked out.

Post Script, No Squeegee Needed

The shower drains perfectly as anticipated and is amazingly beautiful. I’m not sure I can ever mend the relationship with the architect. Next time we will handle it differently. This is how we learn.

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