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Levco Remodeling

Levco Remodeling

At Levco Builders, we are not just another remodeling firm. We rarely get an opportunity to measure ourselves up against the other remodelers in the area let alone the western hemisphere but that opportunity made itself available to me and I feel obligated to share what I discovered.

As many of you know I was invited to join a Round Tables group called RA which stands for Remodelers Advantage, I on the other hand, consider it “Remodelers Anonymous” or at least for the time being. “Hello my name is Joe, I am a remodeler.” Hello JOE

Assuming we are all alike, then price might be the only differentiating feature. Au contraire, mon ami. If it were only that simple.

All remodelers are not created equal

RA logo

RA logo

My group is from Canada to Florida and all across the heartland over to California and Seattle. We are connected in that we want to make each other step up their game and grow to our full potential.

All of this is done through the mentor ship of Rosie Romero of Arizona, an industry expert. In addition, Tom Mitchell, another expert operating on the east coast. The synergy is amazing along with the results.

What was cool is to understand that we are not alone, we are ahead in some areas and behind in others, I am a valuable contributing member of the group and together we are supporting each other to the benefit of everyone.

The other cool thing is that to the extent I have problems, others always have it worse. and to the extent that we have successes, there are always others that are doing it that much better than I.

looking at numbers

Looking at numbers

Through my group interactions, we are redefining what success looks like to me. Making incremental steps is a key feature. By making personal commitments to each other to work on and clean up most significant deficiencies.

Show me the fruit

I am seeing the fruits of my labor. As an example, I was caught reviewing my company budget to actual for the first two quarters of the year. I assure you, this is a rare sighting in the remodeling world.

Our Remodelers Advantage goal is to establish ourselves as experts in our field. By having open minds and willingness to stretch ourselves we get better at what we do incrementally.

We share the ways and things that work to refine our processes and systems to create high performance remodeling companies.


The name of my group was created just before I joined but perfectly describes what I have been doing. I am excited about our rapid evolution as I strive to learn new good habits and lose old bad ones. With some tough love, we are all working to create a world-class residential remodeling businesses by working on our businesses and creating one great project at a time.

What I have rediscovered is that as professionals, we are problem solving and helping people every day. This is what gets us through the day to day stuff and gives us immeasurable pleasure. To the extent that I can share that value with people that need my services I am successful.

The way I achieve personal satisfaction and results is that I get to employ like-minded folks that I have organized to satisfy those needs in our community. To that end, I have adopted an open mind to learning and dedicated myself to my group and achieving my commitments.

May our futures hold much joy, shared success, and a companies to be proud of.

Post script

We ended up with 5 new companies in our group and managed to incorporate them into our amazing culture. I was voted MVP of the group and was overwhelmed with emotion as I realized that I am not only learning from the group, I am teaching, caring, and giving back in a way that is valued.

“Deep Thoughts” by Joe Levitch

Being in business is an opportunity to create a vehicle to achieve personal goals. Making the vehicle run smoothly and efficiently is a noble goal. How we help each other, and learn how to get those kinks worked out is like teaching a man to fish.