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Tree tears off electrical mast falling into home

Tree tears off electrical mast falling into home

At Levco we are always on the lookout for opportunities to knock someones socks off.

Several years ago we had a situation where a windstorm knocked a tree  branch off a house and wiped out the power to a home in a quiet neighborhood off of Warm Springs Avenue. In the dark the Julie called Idaho Power to fix the problem. Upon arrival The lineman could do nothing until the mast that had been torn off the home was repaired. In other words, she would need to handle the problem herself. Nursing a ill husband, who would normally have handled this sort of thing, dealing with a crisis seemed like a daunting task.

As it turns out, Idaho Power can only deal with their power lines from the pole to the mast. Fortunately seeing that Julie was in despair, the Idaho Power lineman handed her my card. I had given it to the lineman a few weeks earlier after a chance conversation during a power line replacement at a different project.

Upon receiving the call I rushed to the scene and discovered that not only did the tree sheer the mast from the home but it crushed her fence and to top things off, it had a bee hive in the middle of it.  We had Julie and her husband stay in a hotel until we restored her power, and I found a bee keeper to remove the hive. We were able to have the rest of the tree removed too because the other half was threatening too fall onto the neighbors home. The fence was eventually rebuilt.

For me, the most rewarding part of solving this crisis was developing a relationship with an amazing person I might never have met otherwise. Solving these type of problems and learning from our mistakes, is a theme that carries through my company’s existence. At Levco celebrating our problem solving abilities is legendary. Remodeling in Boise a risky business and not everything always goes as planned.

Here are just a few of the situations we’ve found ourselves in over the years.

    • Heaters going out.
    • Power outage.
    • Are you guys running heavy equipment next door?
    • Water spraying in the basement.
    • High water alarm going off.
    • The tile isn’t in the right pattern.
    • There is a leak in my roof.


It’s what is wrong, not who’s wrong.”  Solving these real problems is a opportunity to reach that level of service that very few companies can. My subcontractors and I have committed to each other that we will solve these problems in stride. We now and have a proven track record of doing whatever it takes to make things right. How other companies handle these problems? I have no idea, I like to think that is one of the many things that set us apart in this highly competitive market.

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