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Being Green in the remodeling industry is, depending on who you speak with a new thing, or an old thing. Most of us gained awareness as we were growing up in the 60’s but there are those that have made an industry of it in the past say 20 years. Rather than call ourselves a Green Remodeling company, I have incorporated green techniques and principals from our daily lives into our daily operations. Green to me is a “philosophy of green”.

Our 4 Green Principals

Recycling some metal

Recycling some metal

1. Energy efficiency

2. Indoor air quality

3. Resource conservation

4. Water conservation.

Each item has many meanings so through the years I plan to show examples of what I mean by green remodeling.

Here is an example of #3 Levco recycles often, here is one load of load of 1000 lbs of metal. We also separate loads to the dump when we can to save out lumber. and contribute to our re-purposing center frequently. We also keep a recycling center on site for plastic metal and paper glass. Applying green methods and technologies is growing in popularity all the time, we have incorporated many of the principals but few of the technologies to date.

The lack of tax credits and long investment recuperation time has dampened the enthusiasm in our area. We do however use great insulation, great exhaust fans, engineered lumber when ever we can (instead of dimensional lumber), high efficiency appliances and high efficiency windows. Look for many more posts on this topic to come.

Date Line April 2018 update

Boise City just instituted a complicated recycling update. We are going to get orange plastic bags to put stuff in that China does not want to recycle any longer.

If they really want to make a difference and reduce recyclable materials in the landfill they should consider the deconstruction solution. Instituting a green building code for residential remodeling keeps getting tabled. It is up to us to share a great plan for implementing it in our fair city.

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