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Happy in Sign

At a recent client visit, I was sharing a glass of wine and rehashing the project when I was asked a direct question that had my clients wondering: why I do like to remodel? The implication was that it is extremely difficult and challenging. They figured that there were plenty of other things a talented guy like me could be doing with my life.

The question was born out of the not so faded memories of the hardships and the tumultuous journey in remodeling their home.

I was sitting in the kitchen that we had just finished and was beaming with pride. Their home had turned out just how they had envisioned it.

We stuck it out and finished the project. We dealt with challenges, adversity, surprises and delays. We communicated pretty darn well, but there is always room for improvement.

We made some mistakes and had to fix them, we had our share of unexpectedly bad subcontractor behavior, yet in spite of it all, we completed a complicated  project with my dignity intact and a fabulously finished space.

The Art of Remodeling

Remodeling to me is an opportunity to improve someone’s living space together.

Remodeling takes many shapes, and a wide variety of sizes. The concept is all the same, it is a basic human trait that emanates from the need to improve what is around us.

  1. I realized long ago that I had a special talent to extract from others what they want their home to be like, and then to create what we envisioned through communicating with the client and the trades people that do the work.
  2. I discovered that people find this talent valuable and eagerly invite me and my team into their homes and trust me implicitly, which I treasure.
  3. I derive tremendous pride and have a passion to do it right. I liken it to a writer that finishes a manuscript. What once was blank paper and an idea, comes to life in a story for all to read, and gets fabulous reviews for years to come.

The Wild Yeast

I feel my life is being lived in a rich and fulfilling way. I am able to make a living doing both of the things that I love in life. I surround myself with others that enjoy doing the same thing and, before you know it, work becomes fun. Problems, rather than becoming obstacles, turn into opportunities to teach us and learn from.

The Batards are Ready

I expect that every project I do will lead to referrals.


  • Each new project is like a request to bring out my well cared for sourdough starter.
  • What started as wild yeast flour and water when used properly, gives a little to each loaf and takes something to be used in the next.
  • Each project we complete is like creating a new loaf with the overtones of the last: chock full of the richness and earthy crust, a moist crumb, healthy tough tear, and a fragrance that takes me back to my childhood.

With persistence, I expect it will keep me busy being creative for years to come.

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