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Hey Baby

Hey Baby

This is the first in a series of blog posts that focuses upon the many relationships that must be present and healthy in order to be a successful remodeler.

I was being courted by yet another electrician over the internet through my contact page. Look at me! Look at me!

Why would I ever want to use a different electrician? I suppose maybe if they became too busy, or stopped answering the phone, or who know what.

I brag that at Levco, we develop fierce loyalty to our subcontractors, and that is the truth. Then I got to thinking about that subcontractor loyalty, so here are my thoughts on the subject.


To the extent that I develop relationships with people I do business with, if things fall apart, I give chance after chance (probably to a fault) until I do not feel that it is worth the time or energy. I ask around and get recommendations from other remodelers, with luck, strike up a new relationship.

Subliminally I think everyone does the same thing. To say that I need great subcontractors is an understatement. Having a signed Subcontractor Agreement with each one spells out what I love, and what I won’t tolerate in our relationship from the get go.

The Out To Lunch Bunch

Paul Davis, a subcontractor, recently took me to lunch. During our little time out I got to know lots of things about his work ethic, his past work experience, not to mention the things that his company is good at and proud of. He also took the time to learn more about me. What a concept.

A Bite to Eat

A Bite to Eat

Can you or your contractor describe their relationships with subcontractors? I know several contractors that treat their subcontractors like dirt.

The back side of remodeling can be brilliant or tarnished depending upon how you do your thing. I have chosen to set an example of my process.

One poorly bid job can easily ruin the cash flow of a business. Paying subcontractors in a timely manor is occasionally difficult, the good ones understand, and are able to work together through the good and bad times.

Problems occasional arise that are beyond our control which can crush even my eternal enthusiasm. A bummed out or incompetent subcontractor can sap your will to live.

In one case, years ago, I refused to allow the subcontractor’s employee back on my job site. In another I tolerated his presence, and in retrospect, it soured my relationship with my client severely. The bottom line is, if we can’t get along for whatever reason, there is no way anything good is going to come from continuing to work together.

I have calendared a task that I feel is one of the most important of the year. This is to evaluate my relationships to decide who I want to do business with for the coming year.

This year, I’ve strengthened my relationship with my roofer, plumber, and tile setter. I also discovered that I upset my flooring installer and am trying desperately to remedy the situation. I’ve made a promise to myself to cull the herd of folks that are not team players, and strengthen my relationship with the irreplaceable ones. My offer is to take one out for lunch each month. You know who you are, bon appétit.

If this is the way you expect your contractor to get along with their subcontractors then Contact us today as 947-7261

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