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“I get by with a little help from my friends” go the lyrics of the classic Beatles song. Levco takes them to heart.

She's doing a Jig

Doing a Jig

We were asked though our NARI chapter and our “Contractors Who Care” program to help a fellow in need of a wheelchair ramp so that he could have his wife get him outside to enjoy some sunshine as he deals with hospice care.

I snapped this opportunity up because it touched a chord in me. An anonymous donor supplied the materials and my crew put it together with love and attention to every detail.

We got this one

Here is why I said “We got this one!”. I recall transporting an older fellow that had been hospitalized for an extended period searching for a diagnosis for random symptoms.

Sadly, he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Rather than fight it, he had just decided to enroll into hospice care across town at the VA. When we arrived his paperwork wasn’t quite completed so his wife and the family went up ahead, and I got some alone time to reflect upon his life’s accomplishments. As I rolled him towards the ambulance I decided to divert and I rolled him into the sunshine and stopped for a few minutes.

While we were sharing that private moment, he asked me in a quiet disarming way, “Joe, do you think I made the right decision?” stunned temporarily and overwhelmed by his powerful innocent question, I eased his mind completely and reassured him that he had made the right decision. I recall telling him and that he was going to be fine. I reminded him to ask lots of questions so that it wouldn’t be so scarey, but above all, let them help you enjoy every moment you have left.

Upon arriving at the VA a little late, he explained to his doting, worried wife that we were delayed because I had taken him into the sunshine for awhile “It felt like heaven honey!” he said to her. We hugged as I said good bye. I will never forget him nor the possibility of sharing that feeling with another human being through a simple act of humanity.

Remodeling is a bigger calling than earning a living to us. Get a little sun on you man!


I did this one for Jeff Furner a Paramedic and Nurse, He passed not too long ago but his memory will remain alive in me for the remainder of my days. We worked together at Ada County and at Life Flight. “Don’t Furner the pack” in reference to a time he shoved the pack out of the aircraft onto what he thought was flat terrain. He ended up having to retrieve it from a valley and broke everything down to the bags of lactated ringers. Rest in peace brother.