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The spectrum of Reactionary to Creativity

As a remodeling contractor, I am at my best in the role of problem-solver. This means that if you cannot solve them in a timely fashion, your cup overflows in a bad way. I am fortunate enough to have a great team around me that supports the goals of the company and shares my love of solving problems. As we have matured as a company and team, we find ourselves being more creative than reactive (which encompasses the spectrum as I see it), but we inevitably run into things that obstruct progress and occasionally become emergencies.

We Always Win

It is not unusual that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and I get that. We remodel homes, which means we take them apart and usually find all sorts of things that we have to deal with to achieve our goals. With the mindset that we always win, we are confident that a solution will be found we just have to look harder in some cases. I like the mantra “everything is figureoutable”

Complicated Puzzle

Remodeling is Not For The Queasy

  • It will be harder than we think.
  • It will be uglier than we expect.
  • There will be roadblocks.
  • There will be times you make a promise that can not be kept.
  • It will occasionally kill our enthusiasm temporarily.
  • It will take the whole company to pool resources.
  • There will be triumphs that make us stronger and earn more wisdom.
  • We know how that no matter what we will finish complicated puzzles.


Paper Contractor? We Are Not!

Sure a guy in a truck with a laptop can have a home built. No employees are necessary. But remodeling is a horse of a different color. It takes craftsmen and hard work. It takes masterful planners and creative problem solvers. I see all my projects every week at least once and occasionally more often. I rally the troops, I see things from my unique perspective, and help steer the ship in the direction I want it to go.

My Greatest Achievement

Among my greatest achievements occurred 15 years into this remodeling business when I realized that I was the problem. I had a propensity to jump in at the last moment when the problem had gotten so bad that they insisted that I come to the rescue. At that moment I would make a unilateral decision that was the equivalent of shooting myself in the foot. Standing back and analyzing that decision which nearly cost me my business I was able to come up with the yellow flag solution. A topic for another post. Now I get the team in early in the process and deal with concerns when they are small, well before they become giant problems.

If It Were Easy…

What we do is nothing short of amazing. How it is done is also incredible. I beam with pride at our accomplishments and I am constantly on the lookout for clients who need the skill set we have and appreciate the complexity of our chosen vocation.

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