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Remodeling a kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen

Remodeling is an exhilarating time of life, renovating a home to make it transform into what you have always wanted is a very cool thing to do.

Remodeling is not for everyone, try a small project like a bathroom or an addition before you go whole hog. I liken your relationship with your remodeler as a first date. Get to know the company before you commit to allowing them to overrun your personal space.

What remodeling is like, I think I can relate:

As the owner of Flying Pie Pizza, I volunteered to test the double habanero pizza during the development and bracketing phase. As far as expectations go, it had to be the hottest food on any menu in the valley.

We also had to be sure it was safe for the public. We did not want to get a call from the emergency room or terrified parent, about a child that got into a slice by accident.

The taste off

The docile looking pizza

The docile looking pizza

I recall sitting in front of the innocent looking pizza and thinking what’s the big deal?” with my spotter in place, I ate my first slice, no big deal, a little warm I thought.

As I took the first bite of the second slice, the pizza started to get my attention, profuse sweat was soon rolling off my forehead. The next bite had me solely focused upon my tongue.

Suddenly I could not hear anything anymore. I suspect I had an adrenalin rush of major proportion. I noticed my vision starting to go, what was happening to me?

Oh Lordie!

  • Can this get any more intense?
  • Is my tongue going to burst into flames?
  • Why did I volunteer for this?
  • I want my mommy!
  • What am I going to do without my tongue?
  • I contemplated doing what Richard Pryor did when his hair caught on fire, but refrained.


Thankfully, my spotter was prepared with a spoon that had been resting in ice cream. Recognizing the signs and panicked symptoms of acute excessive capsaicin ingestion, he promptly inserted the spoon in my mouth (According to my safety plan) and I slammed my mouth shut and waited. No images were allowed thankfully.

I essentially “tapped out” at that point. I was able to hear again slowly and gradually became aware of my surroundings as my tongue simmered down. It was all over in about thirty minutes but the memory is burned “pun intended” into my memory. I am a survivor.

We ultimately backed it off a click or two, and ended up making the wildly popular public version of the habanero pizza, and then the double habanero pizza. (Complete with disclaimer to sign). All we had to do was manage expectations and guarantee that, the (patron in this case) you would come back from uninjured, safe, and ready for the next challenge.

Is every job like this?

No, it is not. I am aware that everyone has different expectations; my grandparents would never have remodeled their home. They could not have had their routine disrupted, dealt with the decision making process, let alone strangers being in their home.

Why Levco may be the best choice for your remodeling project

Scooner Tuna. the tuna with a heart

Schooner Tuna. The tuna with a heart

I believe that we are a different from every other company. I can’t say it for sure but we respect our clients in a way that is not common. We share our success stories and worry our projects to death.

Setting up a temporary kitchen or laundry station is not unusual; putting you up in a hotel that even allows pets on short notice is also not outside of our normal response problems that might arise.

Your emotional wellbeing is paramount to the achievement of our enthusiastic referral goal.

Like in the movie Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton & Teri Garr, Levco has a heart. We are the Schooner Tuna of remodeling firms! We know what goes on in a remodeling project, we get it and are here to spot you through the process of improving your home, one remodeling project or bite at a time.

Bonus Round Questions?

  1. Who can tell me a remodeling story that gives credence to my post?
  2. Who can share a similar story of food so hot it_________?

Your comments are welcome. To ask questions or get more information about remodeling, click here to email me directly, or call 208-947-7261

If you or someone you know is considering remodeling or just wants to speak to a trustworthy remodeling contractor please contact me, you’ll be glad you did.

Disclaimer: Some of these images came from the WEB. If they are yours, and you object to them being used, please claim them and I will gladly remove and replace them at once.

Disclaimer: Some of these images came from the WEB. If they are yours, and you object to them being used, please claim them and I will gladly remove and replace them at once.

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