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3 and Out

Super Bowl 53 this year featured two great defenses. 3 downs and out, punting over and over led to an unmemorable game for me. Yes, predictably, the team with the most points at the end of the game won. But imagine if one team was a stand out for their offensive prowess. These teams played so conservatively, it was as if they were playing not to lose. It was the absence of high points or peaks in the game, that inspired this post.

Defense in Remodeling Looks Like This

I still ask folks what frightens them about remodeling. Naturally, we do not want to crush that precious plant or what have you. When we explore a client’s deepest fears, some craziness comes out. Including some worries so paralyzing that they can derail any dreams that clients have to improve their home. It takes a lot of trust to be willing to enter into a remodeling agreement.

I ask it for a different reason. I want to know what could be so bad about their home that they are willing to face their fears to even consider remodeling. This is defensive thinking too. My goal is to switch to offense to melt away the concerns that come from fear and uncertainty. To earn trust by taking on the challenge of making something so great and enjoyable that the natural tendency is to want to refer us to friends, neighbors, and family.

Offense in My Remodeling World Looks Like This

A golden shovel moment

What if I told you that we are looking for ways to pleasantly surprise you with memorable peaks?

  • When will you and your family be available for the Golden Shovel Moment?
  • What is your favorite dessert?
  • Is there some memento you want to add to our time capsule?
  • Is there someone special you want at our finish line celebration?
  • What if you knew what was going to happen before it does on a living schedule?
  • What if we finished when we said we would?
  • What if the price we quoted is the actual price for the project?
  • What if you were asked along the way, “is there anything you can think of that would make your remodeling experience even better?”

The Trifecta for Us 1. On Time, 2. On Budget 3. Happy Clients.

Hidden Time Capsule

We find ourselves in the unique position of loving our work. Yes, we really love what we do, and show it in ways that others can’t even comprehend. We have built a culture that is sustainable. Oh, sure it can be copied, but it can never really be duplicated. I used to think we needed to find something to remodel that was unique to create a niche for ourselves. Then it hit me: why not do everything with gusto, excitement, and pride?

People ought to be pleasantly surprised when they take a risk in my humble opinion. Transactions need to die, and interactions must be rolled in and enjoyed unabashedly. They are our new coin of the realm.

A Thri


ll Ride You Want to Go on Again

One of our screening questions is “Have you remodeled before?” If yes, we follow with “why aren’t they doing this project for you?” and wait for a story of sorrow and woe. The demon in our profession is mediocrity, I say. My clients remember Levco Builders.

What, you ask, remodel again and again? Why not, to get your home just like you want it? We have remodeled 3 and 4 separate times for folks that love us, and love how we are able to transform their homes. We rejoice when we get a referral from a past client, because they know our secret. Remodeling with Levco is safe and fun, and the disruption is soon gone, leaving years of pleasure.

Offense is exciting. Remodeling is our vehicle to share our team’s unique brand of it with those who brag about being our clients.

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