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Here is one more reason to hire Levco to handle your remodeling project.

We were scooting right along with our typical tight completion schedule of a kitchen remodeling project, so we decided to have our kitchen cabinets installed by the same folks that made them. The assumption being, no one would do a better job than the guys that were proud to make them in the first place.

Kitchen cabinet problems, yikes

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Kitchen cabinets installed

Unbeknownst to us, the cabinetmaker had delegated the installation to others. No problem if the installation was done correctly.

To our disappointment, the lower cabinets were not installed to our satisfaction. They were out of level so when the counter top fabricator showed up to template. This is odd we thought.

A quick call was made and the cabinetmaker promptly fixed the problem box we had complained about.

The following day when we tried to install the microwave, some serious issues with the uppers being out of plane arose. I told my guys to let it go, that I would have a chat with the cabinet maker again.

Frustrated, I called to get some answers. “Oh we run into this all the time, it’s easier for me to come install the microwave than explain how to do it.” OK fine, I thought, he is the expert, maybe we have something to learn.

What’s wrong, not who’s wrong


Level & Tape

Fortunately, he showed up while the counter tops were being installed. We were understandably upset he had not fixed the lower cabinets all the way. We had just run out and bought a sheet of plywood to shim the tops to make everything work.

That is when the boasting started. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years”, he said, “We put our cabinets in million dollar homes.” That is when Steve, my Project Manager lost it, he pulled out the tape and level then showed him exactly what was wrong.

In a firm voice he said, “Tape measures & Levels don’t lie! One of us is going to fix the cabinets. Who is it going to be, you or me?”

It got real quiet as the cabinetmaker rehung the upper cabinets and installed the microwave correctly.

What’s the big deal? It got fixed

What this story tells me is that our tolerances for a great cabinet installation exceeds that of the industry, how do I know? Because this was not a million dollar home, and the counter top installer later told us “Levco is exactly the kind of company I want to work with!”

What’s wrong not who’s wrong is the issues at hand. Leave your ego at home if you want to work with and for us.

Will we use this guy again? Will we allow him to install his own cabinets? I had a quick meeting to air out the issues with him at a coffee shop. After hearing his story and telling mine, we came to a crystal clear understanding of what we expect from each other. A handshake an a thank you for nipping this in the bud was shared. Yes, I’m willing to give him another try.

The take home message

This is what happened behind the scenes on one day, on one job. Could this scenario have played out differently? What we are selling is quality results. Having great cabinets installed improperly is not what anyone wants. We care about every project like it is our own home.

Bonus Round Questions?

  1. Tell me what this story means to you?
  2. Who has had a similar situation with a resolution that worked?

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