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Taping & Texturing follows on the heels of installation of the drywall. It is the remnants of plastering and is all about getting the connections or seams and nails smooth then adding the texture that we want.When it is done right it blends into the background and is subtle.

My Mutha was a Mudda

Orange Peel

Orange Peel

Whether we want smooth wall or orange peel there are as many ways to texture as there are people who apply it. My dad used to say it is like the tapers signature. Wayne, our taper is a master of the trade. He pours himself into every project. Weather we are using bull nose corners to harmonize with the existing style of the home, or updating to a new look Wane is our guy.

Hey what’s that texture?

Skip Trowel

Skip Trowel

Skip trowel texturing has many regional names. Some call it South West others Sun Valley. I like the look because it has a old time plaster look , it hides minor imperfections and looks rich to me. Occasionally we are harmonizing with Orange Peel texture which is sprayed on via a pressurized hopper then knocked down.Ceilings often get textured differently, I like a daub on knock down texture.

Once dry the painters will apply a sealer/primer and then color coats of paint. The texture on any project, like most we do… is a critical component of the finish product. Although there are as many textures as there are tapers, we always do a sample area for approval.

How Do We Blend Old and New?

Harmonizing the texture is an art, occasionally it takes a few tries but we have never not gotten the look we want. Tricks to the trade are many. I’d tell you but… Wayne has looked for a person to pass his knowledge and skills to but has not found the hardworking, dedicated, deserving person yet.

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