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IT Department

IT Department

Seventeen years ago I recall running my business out of my garage with a laptop and some very basic programs, like Outlook, Word, and Excel. As the lemonade stand grew into a formidable company things had to change to keep up with the times.

Turn the clock ahead seventeen years and I have an interconnected system of cloud based programs multiple cameras and lasers not to mention some pretty high-tech tools toys.

  • 7 computers. (some with 3 monitors)
  • Cell phones.
  • Exchange server access.
  • 6 phones on a VOIP systems.
  • Remote access.
  • 2 Websites.
  • Security systems. 
  • Linux File Server.
  • 360 Camera.

All this is in addition to the cool programs we use to get our work done. A take off program, an Architectural program for drafting, Accounting software, Point of Sale software, and a myriad of templates we have created in our files. None of this would be possible without people that know what they are doing and a dedication to Levco that is second to none.

Where does this come from? IT (Information Technology) is like a foreign language to me. From integrating programs so they play well together, to installing and maintaining new equipment, they have me covered.

Remodeling does not happen in a vacuum. Without a support staff that gets what I am up to, nothing would be possible.

Bless My IT Team

The unsung heroes of my company are not flashy or glamorous, they are not self centered or boastful. They are workhorses that like me sleep better at night knowing that everything is working. They do their work at ridiculous hours and consistently figure it out, make suggestions and recommendations with my best interests in mind. They keep me in business and have the amazing ability to see around the corner.

I move forward with the confidence that no matter what happens we will figure it out together and make it through. They have ownership in my success that comes from the heart.

To the unsung heroes, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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