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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 6 seconds

There is no crying in baseball

Made famous in the movie “A League of Their Own,” Tom Hanks’ character says, “There is no crying in baseball.” It made me think about how we behave as a team. I recently got to spend some quality time working in the field with my production crew. The sheer joy of having my tool bags on again was exhilarating.

There Is No “I” in TEAM…

Where this annoying “I” saying comes from is a mystery. There is no “we” in team either, but we made the best of our time together working as a team.

The adventure was epic it involved building a SIP structure in a fairly primitive area of Idaho on the Oregon border.

There Are No Slivers in Office Work Either


The stage had been set, the materials delivered, and the slab was flat enough, as well as square; all we had to do was erect the beast.

Armed with determination and grit, our little caravan headed out to slay a dragon. We set out to build it on a chilly, windy day about 100 miles away.  To say we were roughing it was an understatement. We were rushing to stay ahead of the impending weather event, with limited power, stopped by exhaustion halfway through our third 12-hour day.

We Worked Well Together

I was gushing with pride as we overcame adversity time after time. Turns out working next to the old man was not so tough after all. As a cutter, I held my own. Keeping up was tough, but it had to be done. By riding the desk and letting the skin on my hands go soft, I had lost some of the team approach to accomplishing shared goals.

When we get to know each other through engaging in crushing a problem together, we create a team approach with bonds that cannot be broken by pettiness or any of the other potential misguided things that tear teams apart. By holding your own and helping each other accomplish a seemingly impossible goal we create a group sense of pride and gusto. Perhaps you had to be there?

Getting the roof on

We Shall Return

Undaunted by our inability to get the roof on in the allotted time, we agreed to return with better equipment, an updated plan, and a renewed sense of getter-done mentality. Giving in to the harsh winter, we protected the structure after we got the roof on, and plan for a triumphant return in the spring.

To All Those Guys Riding the Desk

I challenge you to find a project where you can go and participate and fit in again as a player on the team, to see what is going on and get a little saw dust on you. That means getting rid of the cell phone, getting your real work clothes on, and packing a lunch and a thermos of coffee to share in a common experience. Get to know who is representing you and learn their unique abilities and stories.

Trust me: the bonds you build will pay off in spades.

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