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What Tzedakah Means to Levco

Tzedakah צְדָקָה means charity in Hebrew, Pronounced ṣədāqā. The concept of charity and giving is embedded in my DNA. Plenty of examples of giving can be plucked from my childhood. So it is no surprise that this form of giving is being expressed in our work. What was a box to put coins in during Sunday school has blossomed. Levco has been doing at least one project a year for many years, 2023 is only different in that we are taking on 2 projects.

In the tradition of Tzedakah, it is not a thing to boast about, so we typically do these things on the down low. Sure we celebrate our successes but it is a muted form of happy dance. The Levco legacy will be laced with generosity and kindness. This legacy behavior is only possible if you are running a successful business and have the resources to do the right thing. To say that business is hard is an understatement. At the level of play that we accomplish annually, it is a miracle that we can pull it off. But that is what giving is all about.

Tikkun olam תִּיקּוּן עוֹלָם (repairing of the world)

Repairing the World

This is how we perform Tikkun olam

Project 1: 2023 A retired Marine had an accident at home that left him in a mostly paralyzed state. The family had sold their home and purchased a new one that was being built. Sadly we had to wait until the home was complete before we could come tear it apart and remodel it to suit his unique needs. This was a universal design project that we completed in 2 weeks to enable him to return home from his hospital in Seattle. (Done in honor of Linda Gossett)

Project 2: 2023 A medical malpractice situation IMHO that never went to court. A woman ended up with spasmodic leg activity after a successful surgery and an overdose of sedation and pain medication. She went into at least respiratory arrest until they resuscitated her and permanently injured her spinal cord. Her situation is that her scooter could not even fit through the bathroom door. (Done in honor of Grandma Betty and Grandpa Ben)

The Theme

Bathrooms, next to kitchens are the biggest issue that faces folks with mobility issues. ADA was a step in the right direction for the country to adopt for commercial buildings, a review of systems is due IMHO,  I have heard of issues with ADA-approved bathrooms not meeting the needs of disabled people.

Leading by example. The residential building code which seems sensible but nearly impossible in a state that refuses more regulations. People who have traumatic immediate needs are one population and aging adults are another group that needs to be thought about and considered when homes are being built. The NKBA is a strong group with eons of experience in making recommendations to builders and remodelers however without the backing of the code, builders, especially tract style, cookie-cutter homes revert to what is most expeditious and what is least expensive. For now, Levco is incorporating these accessibility standards into our projects because they just make sense.

Back To The Point

Levco is fortunate enough to be able to help sometimes in these cases. The Levco team gladly does the work for free. We do it with an open heart and we ask others to join as they are able. We also encourage those who have the time and resources to lend a hand when you can. Be that guy that says “Shure I can help”. Another opportunity to help in the community is to join an organized service organization like Rotary. Offer to help an outlet that could use a hand to do something, The trad off is that it will fill your cup tp overflowing and ground you to your community in a way that nothing else can. As an organization that participates, it adds a level of job satisfaction that can only be achieved through meaningful giving.

Here Are a Few Organizations I Am Fond Of:

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