Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 12 seconds

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 12 seconds

The results are in, we have been asking this for years and we have been collecting data that I thought we should share some of it with you.

How it works today

  • You had the most enthusiasm for the project
  • Your ideas seem to dovetail with ours
  • You have a process that makes sense
  • You always answer the phone and handle my questions
  • You have experience in doing what I want
  • You listened to me
  • Your company is a reflection of your personality
  • You were fair and equitable when things came up
  • You finished on time
  • You moved heaven and earth to get things done
  • You had the most creative ideas of anyone
  • You worked with us without judgment
  • You let me finish my project myself

Getting Praise And Accolades Is Nothing New

When a project culminates many things happen not necessarily in the same order. As we finish up the FLAIR (Finish Line Action Item Report) our job closure tool, we wrap up the project and deliver all the necessary warranty information. 360 imagery is taken typically without furniture and permits are finialed. We let the neighbors know that we have left and thanked them for their inconvenience.

It could go a few ways. Clients will occasionally want to have a celebration, or they will just say things like have anyone call us who is considering a project and we will sing your praises. My line is “TELL GOOGLE”!, That is the gold standard for the times to share your feelings about the experience. The power of a good review is worth its weight in gold.

My dad collected letters in a binder and was very proud to share it. He recently asked to see mine. Having none, he won. I then told him how the power of the internet has exploded the value of a good referral.

What Struck Me is the Power of a Positive Review

If you want to tie your fortunes together, nothing is stronger than providing a glowing Google review. Try me, I dare you. Provide a well-deserved positive review and the ripples will astonish you.

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