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Building Blocks

Building Blocks

I had a very enlightening conversation with a 7 year old boy the other day.

I was at the remodeling show manning the Levco booth to discuss remodeling with the many attendees of the 14th annual event. (Anyone who has ever manned a booth for a weekend knows just how painful it can be.)

In an effort to inject an interactive element to our booth and get folks to have some joyful participation, I provided a blank table filled with a clutter of building blocks for all to use. The idea came to me when I remembered my remodeling roots.

Gabe and his older brother were immediately drawn to them. He was busily building something, when asked if he was having fun. “Life is all about using your imagination and creativity” Huh, say that again I said, thinking I may have misheard him. He repeated himself smoothly. “Did you read that somewhere or just make that up?” I shot back. “That’s just what I know” he said matter-of-factly, without skipping a step or being distracted.

“Holy Cow”, as my nurse & partner Tammye blurted out when confronted with a shocking situation. Reeling from having my doors blown off, I exclaimed a yodaism to his folks “The force is strong with this one” followed by a deep belly laugh.

Gabe had a very good point. From the mouths of babes, I thought, then I reflected on a t-shirt saying I like very much … What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about? I realized then that I liked Gabe’s’ saying even better.

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

I had a groundswell of thoughts and emotions as this image was shot. Here is the 4 minute masterpiece he and his brother built. Just imagine what the world would be like if we all took a little more time to dwell on utilizing our imaginations and creativity.

I know when I get in that zone I do my best work. My suspicion is that we all just get held back a bit by the trials and tribulations of being adults in a complicated world.

Levco remodeling is all about using our imagination and creativity to improve my client’s living spaces. That is when I get goose bumps and where the gooey stuff in the middle is.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my grand experiment by being creative for a few minutes in my interactive remodeling booth. Gabe, well done for saying it so eloquently, cutting out the clutter and getting directly to the point. It was an honor bumping into you guys.

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