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After quoting a price for several small repairs, and providing an opinion of cost for an addition, a prospect said, “That is more than a project like this should cost, according to the internet”. Another prospect said “I was born at night, not last night”.

Dumbfounded, I said, “You obviously weren’t looking in the right place on the internet”. To the other one I said “I’m sorry that what it will cost for me to do your project is not what you expected”. I also wished them both the best of luck.

It got me thinking, where is the right place to look? How would someone go about knowing if they are choosing a credible contractor and paying the right amount for work on their home?

Flipped House

Flipped House

Did I mention her home was 90 years old? After questioning her further, it turns out she was creating a flip home. She was solely focused on the cheapest price and was not interested in discussing any other topic. The other fellow was weighing whether to do it himself or hire the project out, imagining that it would be cheaper.

Had she revealed this to me on our first visit, I would have excused myself, because my company is not built for helping folks flip houses and we are never cheaper than doing it yourself, because you do not charge for your time.

In both cases, we were not a good fit because Levco is dialed in on achieving a totally different set of goals, none of which harmonize with the flipping mentality or the DI-WHY mentality.

Here is what we shoot for

  • A great remodeling experience
  • Adding value to a home for people who want to use it
  • Superior craftsmanship and quality materials that lasts

Bonus Round Questions?

  1. How do you choose a remodeler?
  2. What made more of an impact price or relationship?

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