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Referrals are Levco’s lifeblood. They are what we are shooting for in everything we do. They are the one thing that marketing can’t buy and they are what makes it easy to decide to trust us with what is arguably your most valuable asset, your home. How we earn referrals is done through referrals from past clients and amazingly neighbors of our clients because of how we maintain our job sites and our behavior.

Know, Like, & Trust

People may remodel once or twice in their lives and it is frightening, I get it. You need to find a contractor that you know, like, and trust. Nobody wants to deal with a salesman, they want to get to the owner to verify that the guy is reputable and easy to work with. When things get difficult and they always do, you need to know if they are going to run to the problem or away from it.

  • When someone who has remodeled with us is ready and able to take a call from a prospective client and talk one-on-one with them about how we work, that is golden.
  • When someone decides to write a Google review, that is less intimate but a strong recommendation.
  • When someone who hasn’t even remodeled with you shares your contact and speaks to your character.

4 leaf Clover

The 4-Leaf Clover Affect

Who here has spent time looking for one? Who has found one? that is what we are talking about here. It is not a one-and-done thing. When you can say with confidence that this guy is going to take care of you then you have earned it and that is a tough act to follow.

Bullet Proof

Bullet Proof Reputation Protection

If like me you understand which side your bread is buttered, then you surround yourself with like-minded project managers and staff at every level who look for these things and share in the pride of how we handle them. That is why we worry about the project. That is why we plan the project with precision and do our best to ride out the uncertainty of what life throws at us. That is why we answer the phone within a ring or two.

These things set us apart. Getting there was not difficult, maintaining this level of care and concern is not a normal thing for people that are just doing their job. The level of care and concern that emanates from this company is epic. I am so proud to be at the center of it all.

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