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The Cardboard Sign

Krisjan Hiner posted an image that got me excited to write. The same sentiment has been echoed in other recent posts that I follow as well.

I began thinking, how can I express to my potential client’s that we get this cardboard sign?

For starters, I bare my soul and speak my mind on my blog. It is a tell-all about my business.

The personal touch that my team brings is huge as well. After all we are going to be in your personal space for a while. Who wants a bunch of strangers fixing their home?

I believe that everyone has a short list of favorite folks or businesses that exemplifies this attitude towards business. Each usually is accompanied with a defining moment that created the bond.

I have a favorite appliance repair guy, I have a company that I always buy my plumbing and electrical parts from, I have a favorite tire store, and I even have a favorite coffee shop. Will I occasionally go to a different store? Sure, but I always go back to my favorite. Something about trust, consistency, reliability, integrity, and familiarity.

The Old State Court Cafe

The Old State Court Cafe

When the old State Court Cafe closed up shop on State Street near 30th, I was crushed and felt a real loss, Elaine, “Mom” as she was known, was an amazing person that knew me and we created a bond, we cared about each other. That kind of connection is precious. The coffee was bad, but that was irrelevant.

Cheers, the show based on the poplar Boston Bar, also drove this concept home for me. I can tell when it’s fake, like at the new bank when you’re bombarded with disingenuous welcomes and platitudes from everyone like a gauntlet as you enter. When it’s real, and the connection is made, it’s priceless.




I remember having a cool interaction with Larry, the Albertson’s store manager at 16th and State at that time.

During the infancy of Flying Pie’s new computerized delivery ordering system we were experimenting with improving our personal connection with our customers. Larry had ordered a pizza the night before and I was certain that we had inadvertently made it with the wrong toppings.

He was amazed that I knew that we had made a mistake. He said he was out creating customers for life by delivering a couple of steaks and some ice cream to customers that had complained. Larry told me that I was “one upping” him because he hadn’t even bothered to complain (we had special powers at the time). Larry understood the value of the personal connection.

Levco’s approach is high touch, if we are not communicating daily then something is terribly wrong. We are in the remodeling business because we are people pleasers by nature. We like nothing more than to make a client happy with how we work and what we do.

Our simple goal after all is to create enthusiastic referrals. What higher praise is there? here are more examples of our commitment to these principals of our legendary service

If you are looking for a company to remodel your home and would like to bond with your remodeling team I can think of no higher honor than to be selected as your remodeler of choice.

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