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Cat out of the bag

I consider myself a fairly social guy and I enjoy hanging out with friends in my spare time. For some reason I was rarely invited over to my married couple’s homes, I didn’t think much of it and went on about my busy life.

I finally figured out why men in particular haven’t been inviting me over for dinner and why most married men secretly fear me.

One of them recently let the cat out of the bag, he said “Joe, I’m afraid to invite you over because I figured I would cost me 50K or more”. After I stopped laughing I decided that there may be a thread of truth to his misguided fears.

By his calculations, one thing would lead to another and before he knew it, his wife would have me remodeling their kitchen or master bathroom. He would therefore be roped into making milestone payments to Levco. This is how a married man’s mind works.

Relax I say

Fancy Meal

I am good company, I have reasonably good manners and will gladly bring a bottle of wine and/or a side dish if asked. The most egregious thing I do is occasionally get caught up in conversations relating to old EMS (Emergency Medical Service) stories. Seeing an outdated kitchen does not compel me to start selling. I enjoy the company of others and I look right past it.

When I evaluate a home for any remodeling project

Clients are consistently apologizing for the mess in their home. I tell them, “I love it!” As I snap a few more digital images. “The more frightening it looks before we remodel, the better it looks when we are done”. Others could care less and leave their undies draped over the shower door.

I’m no different than anyone else, I put my pants on one leg at a time just like you. My wife, on the other hand would never leave a thing out of place. I do not judge.

Then it dawned on me

That’s likely why Proctologists are not very social either. I’ve got news for you, it is impolite to ask for a hallway consult during dinner no matter what your profession is.

Let the invitations roll in

My social calendar has opened up since I stopped doing simultaneous full time jobs, so let the invitations roll in. I look forward to some good old fashioned socializing and dinner party fun. I’m even willing to reciprocate. If it is a remodeling project you fear, just let me know up front. No harm done.

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