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It shows that we care

This is the sentiment of many of our clients. I share the feeling of working closely with my clients and believe we bring something special to the table. It is not a tangible thing, it is just the way we roll. Conventional wisdom says that as a contractor, I should be bowing to the almighty dollar. The reality is that we are the size I want this company to be and that there is a tremendous hunger for remodeling right now. With an influx of immigrants from neighboring states. Money is fairly easy to unlock from the magical equity tidal wave. If you have lived in your home for the equity ride, you know what I am talking about,

We start things off by answering the phone which is something special, Most remodelers do not anymore. We then take it to the next level and have an intelligent conversation about:

  1. Feasibility of your ideas
  2. Budgetary constraints
  3. The timing you desire and how that might fit into our schedule. 

Creating a connection with our prospects is how we roll, we tell the truth, and we avoid sugarcoating our opinion of probable construction costs. We keep updating our opinion as we work through our design process and eventually arrive at a fixed price lump sum amount for the project and a notional schedule that becomes reality as we lock things in once in contract.

We are in an UpCycle

I believe that this cycle of demand exceeding supply will continue for a few years. This is my opportunity to impress a large group of clients with our style and grace. There is a calm that I have not experienced that has come over us that provides confidence and a level of professionalism that begs to be talked about.

Sure pricing for remodeling is at an all-time high with materials in general, sub-trade partners, and labor in uncharted territory. Quoted prices are good for as long as it takes the ink to dry in some cases. Waiting for prices to come down as one of my clients has chosen to do seems like a pipe dream. We are working for clients right now and we have some lined up in what we affectionately call our backlog. That being said we love to fill holes with smaller projects.

My Team is Full

Skilled labor is arguably not available at this time, however, We have assembled the best Levco Administrative and Production teams ever assembled.

At a time in our lives when there is arguably more bad news than good. I share this proud moment as I beam with pride about our consistent devotion to our clients and how they respond with praise. We just do it differently, Rarely is there the ability to compare remodeling experiences, but to those who have, the deliverables that we are providing for our clients are hitting unimaginable high marks. I give gratitude this world day of gratitude to my staff and my clients.

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