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I am blessed to have a business that is a reflection of what I put out there. How the phone is answered is, for better or worse, the first impression. That first contact sets the stage for the future. NOTHING is worse than getting an answering machine or a pre-recorded message. I have had so many positive results with talking on the phone, I could not imagine losing that personal touch. Back in the day, I would take every call. Now, my office manager Cindy loves the calls so much, that I have stopped fighting for them. I have learned to ignore the ringer completely. If I am needed, however, I am usually only a moment away.


Second Ring or Bust?

If there isn’t any laughing then something is wrong. We have fun here at Levco. It’s personal, She is anxious to hear what type of project you have and learn as much about you. She’ll book a visit to your home in most cases unless we are not a good fit for the project constraints or, your latitude and longitude is outside of our service area.

Typically, we are not our prospect’s first call because we do not spend money on getting rated number 1 by Google. That’s OK in my book. If clients have nothing to compare us to then they would assume that all remodeling contractors were alike. We exude different.

With a helpful heart, we want to be counted among the best Boise has to offer. Occasionally we have contacts that would be more helpful than us, no problem, Often we have done a project that is quite similar to what you have in mind. We have answers too. You are talking with a knowledgeable person who loves remodeling and it shows.

Does The Owner Still Show Up?

Typically the last thing a remodeling contractor gives up is a personal visit. A sales guy or gal is like a fish out of water. They are more interested in doing what we call in the medical field as a “Wallet Biopsy” Not so here. I pick up where Cindy left off and like a relay team we do our best to listen, and share ideas with the goal of entering into a design agreement as quickly as possible. All  I have to do is show up on time, be prepared, and be myself. I have all the notes from the previous conversation so I do not need to start from scratch. I bring all my experience and some investigative tools if needed and my camera to photo document existing conditions.

You Are Only One Call Away.

On a recent intake call a prospect was so impressed and the project was urgent so rather than finding me the task was accepted and booked as a charity project before I had a chance to even hear about it. Often mistaken for my work wife, Cindy takes the calls and handles them with the love and attention they deserve. She is up to date on everything Levco. Give us a call to experience the magic.

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If you or someone you know is considering remodeling or just wants to speak to a trustworthy remodeling contractor, please contact me. You’ll be glad you did.

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