3 Truths about remodeling well

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There are three things that I am certain of in remodeling. These are the insights of a remodeler who is committed to leadership and getting results through others.


The 3 truths

  1. No one has ever been upset when we exceeded expectations.
  2. The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory. Aldo Gucci quote
  3. Quality workmanship is done by experienced passionate workers, it is therefore important to employ them, and have them work in an environment that recognizes the difference.

As an astute remodeling contractor, I am always on the lookout. Balancing these three elements is my job.

The magic of Levco occurs in the office and in the field

Having an integrated approach is key. I was recently asked in an interview about our marketing approach for a national magazine. “Is Levco a marketing firm, a design firm, or a remodeling firm?” It got me thinking, what are we?

Some firms are just good at selling stuff for a profit, but lousy at remodeling. Some firms only sell design projects and produce nothing. Others remodel, they may be lousy at selling stuff for a profit, but they’re great remodelers.

Can we have our cake and eat it too?


Yummy looking cake

I answered the million dollar question this way. “Remodeling is not like a football game! There is no team that wins and the other loses. I sell our remodeling projects to serve three masters, 1 value, 2 quality craftsmanship, and 3 profitability” the goal being “To create enthusiastic referrals”.

The Levco model:

  1. My model of remodeling is based upon clients exchanging money for adding value to their homes.
  2. My model is also about having an administration that supports the field staff and vis-versa.
  3. My model learns from the experts in the industry from all over the continent.
  4. My model covers overhead and creates profit through sensible business practices, efficiency, and frugality.

The “Dream Team” is on the court.

In a world where most small business owners believe, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” I have established a completely different approach.

Being able to communicate my vision through my writing has attracted likeminded people. Building systems to support creativity, great communication, and reward stellar results, is where I spend my most valuable time now. As I like to say, “The teeter totter works better when the weight is balanced”.

Working as a tight team with laser focused results, is what I have experienced through my entire EMS (Emergency Medical Services) life. Sharing that feeling and nurturing environment is like a breath of fresh air in the remodeling industry. I realized that we are slowly evolving towards similar situation here at Levco. I have purposefully assembled a group of experienced professional remodelers, with good habits, small egos, and a shared sense of purpose that is having fun working together.

The art of assembling a “Levco remodeling dream team,” has been challenging and rewarding. Using our Vision 2020 approach has helped us determine who is a good fit. Having a great team working together allows me to focus on the parts that are growing my business from a seedling to a solid stable remodeling firm, dedicated to remarkable results.

Who wins when a calm group of professionals is working together remodeling your home?

You do of course! When you are contemplating remodeling your home, or know someone who is, share our contact information. Remodeling well is our shtick.

Your comments are welcome. To ask questions or get more information about remodeling, click here to email me directly, or call 208-947-7261

If you or someone you know is considering remodeling or just wants to speak to a trustworthy remodeling contractor please contact me, you’ll be glad you did.

Disclaimer: Some of these images came from the WEB. If they are yours, and you object to them being used, please claim them and I will gladly remove and replace them at once.

Disclaimer: Some of these images came from the WEB. If they are yours, and you object to them being used, please claim them and I will gladly remove and replace them at once.

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