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north end home upgrades Boise

Typical Bungalow

Levco has been remodeling in Boise Idaho for the past 6 years and just renewed our registration for another year with the Idaho  Bureau of Occupational Licensing. This makes us a well established remodeling company here in Boise Idaho.

We recently had an internal focus group session on what sets us apart from our competitors, and here is one in a series of the unique things that we came up with.

Our niche is Aged Home Upgrades. I love it because it allows me to say what I do in one breath. It is not complicated or confusing and it speaks to our love for older homes and upgrading them or updating them depending upon your slant to work for these modern times.

Lets face it times have changed and so have our habits and way of life.

bathroom upgrade ideas Boise

Typical small bath

Often times these  homes are smaller in square feet than the sprawling ones of the 80’s and beyond. They were built to last in the 30’s-70’s and were state of the art at the time. many of the kitchens were boxy and had less emphasis in our lives. Products have improved as well  from the bathroom to the kitchen there have been some really good things that are available now that help us live better than those days. Not to mention the energy efficient upgrades that can pay off in a matter of a few years.

updated lighting remodeling Boise

Great Lighting

From modernizing appliances like a convection oven, and comfort height toilets to better lighting and energy efficient appliances and windows, there are a bazillion ways to improve our homes. Whether you are remodeling on a dime and want to do projects one a year or interested in investing on your last remodeling project of your life, we want to be the ones that help you make the right upgrades for you and your  home.

Remember you don’t need to do everything at once. Pick a room per year, get the big problems solved, then work on the other areas of concern. Prioritizing your upgrades makes the decision making process less daunting. Before you know it your home is far more functional and moving makes less sense.

kitchen remodeling Boise

Opened Kitchen

One area that we are seeing tremendous progress in is re-designing kitchens to work better. The term “opening up kitchens” means many different things depending upon your particular home. It encompasses a theme of taking down unnecessary obstacles to flow between rooms and sight lines. We have had amazing results on multiple occasions and encourage an in home evaluation.

Another common upgrade is in a bathroom. Homes built shortly after the turn of the century only had tubs. Showers were introduced later on. Many homes were upgraded with shower valves but had a large window on the shower wall. Relocating and resizing that window just makes sense.

comfort height toilets Boise

Now that is comfort

Speaking of bathrooms, fixtures have become worth swapping out. From both a water efficiency and ease of use  perspective. Lighting upgrades and indoor air quality with proper ventilation makes the bathroom upgrade a very valuable and affordable proposition.

Additions that bump a wall out or add additional living space are usually more expensive than staying within the envelope of the home but adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit ADU makes a tremendous amount of sense. We have built and remodeled several garages to accommodate visiting guests, older parents, college students or just renting to a tenant that offsets the cost of the project.

Since this is what we love to do please contact us for for a complementary in home evaluation. Let’s see what we can do to upgrade your home today. 208-947-7261

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