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At Levco We have structured the business into a Design Build Model that works differently than the handyman model.

Our work is geared to the homeowner that wants a project completed ranging from the $8000 to $250,000. So far our clients have not come to us with a complete description of work that is ready to build. There is always some sort of clarity that needs to be spelled out.

The larger the scope of the project, the more time involved in creating the needed documentation.

A handyman is likely a jack of all trades

There are plenty of carpenters that go out on their own and are essentially a handyman in disguise. Hiring one for a project for longer than a few hours will likely include then into your life. My general rule of thumb is that like programs that offer you too many features, they are likely not as good as a great general contractor to run the project with a crew of their own.

The Levco Process

At Levco get great results by separating the process of having a remodeling project done into the Design Phase (AKA pre-construction documentation), and the Construction Phase and we have an agreement for each. I prefer and use the word “agreement” rather than “contract” because it conveys the sentiment that I attach to it. A mutual understanding of the duties and responsibilities of both parties. The reality is that the words could be used interchangeably.

Design Phase:

During this phase we collect a non-refundable Design development fee that covers our time to create the proper drawings and documentation to clearly communicate just exactly what you want.

This fee is based upon my estimation of hours required to develop schematic drawings, and have all of the subcontractor bids collected once your select your materials and component to be incorporated. The goal is to reach an accurate Contract Amount through the process of estimating efficiently and systematically with all the information we need.

Construction Phase

Construction Phase:

This is a comprehensive agreement that looks at all of the aspects of construction and spells out the legal obligations of the project and all of both parties. It also references the design agreement for all of the technical data. In the agreement you will find everything from change orders and how we deal with excavated soil to payment schedules, legal disclosures, and dispute resolution.

The days of a hand shake contract are gone

I recently had a client that was frightened by the Construction Agreement and admitted that he had several remodeling projects done without and agreement. In my opinion, those days are gone, An agreement is the only way to have an “exact same understanding” of each parties responsibilities. I not do work without one.

I would be suspect of those contractors without a clear and conscience remodeling agreement. In Boise Idaho, all you need to do is spend a day in court listing to all of the sob stories about misunderstandings. That is not to say that our agreement is perfect, every project is slightly different so our agreements are updated regularly.

Several  past clients have been attorneys who have graciously provided insightful modifications. Many of the updates were earned out of hard lessons learned, thankfully it has been stable for the past few years.

I am always proud to present our agreements for review and signing because it conveys a sense of “I’ve got it” to my clients.

If this process sounds like something that interests you contact us today at 208-947-7261 You’ll be glad you did.