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17 Years Old

In a time when things are very dynamic in the remodeling world, it dawned on me that as the company is turning 17 years old that we are not merely a remodeling company, no we are a force of nature and a sum of our parts.

Remodeling is like any other high-risk trust-dependent business that takes focus and total concentration. I easily draw parallels with rock climbing. What we do is vital to those that chose to do it, is full of complexity, and has an element of risk. It demands attention to detail and is exhilarating.

Those that do it well can keep track of their extremities and flow like a spider up the wall using their muscles efficiently while others struggle to get a foot off the ground. If done correctly the height off the ground is irrelevant, it is the balance and perception of height and risk that will keep you focused and be in the moment.

Practice Practice Practice

In the medical profession, it is referred to as practicing medicine. I believe I am practicing remodeling. Do I understand how? sure, are there things that I wish I was better at? Yes, and I am working on those things. Each case is unique. As common as anatomy is there are aberrancies that make every case unique. So goes my world.

To do this well, 8-5 is not an option. You have to live it. My staff understands this and so do I. If you are one of our past clients, we celebrate with you and thank you for trusting us to practice remodeling your home. If you are one of our current clients, then you know what I am talking about. If you are considering being a future client, you get the combined wisdom and talent that comes from nearly 2 decades of commitment. Cheers!

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