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On a recent revisit of a potential project my client laid out a plan for a large remodeling project.

yes man

yes man

Brutally honest sometimes hurts

After careful consideration, I told the clients exactly what I they didn’t really want to hear. That I felt that the project was not viable then went on to offer several alternative solutions. I was brutally honest and I did not ever expect to hear from them again.

That is when the phone rang. It was them, 8 months later we set up an appointment to revisit the project with a revamped idea of what was going to work.


“We called you back because you were honest. You blew our ideas out of the water and gave us some creative solutions. Although it hurt, it was exactly what we needed to hear. Sure there were plenty of others that were willing to do what we asked for. You were the only one that said wait a second this plan is not viable, and we respect you for it”.

You see what you get with me


What is the “It”

What this tells me is that I am doing it right! The “IT” in this case is being myself, honest, upfront and a clear communicator. Sure it goes the other way on occasion, who knows maybe more often than I think. The point is that you get what you need from me.

As a connector of people I understand that I may not have the best answer or my company may not be the best fit but looking is free and I am quick to give a referral.

Caution! “Yes men” are out there

This world is full of folks that I call yes-men willing to tell you what you want to hear, what is the value in that? In my circle of influence, advice from a seasoned professional without an agenda is priceless.

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