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Living in Boise there is a close connection with Boise State University. The Blue Turf football stadium is carpeted with a genuine simulated grass playing field AKA the Smurf Turf. They frequently air an advertisement for Blue Turf Thinking which eschews the merits of what they do as a university being innovative and that they play a big role in the community. Well, we like to call our thing Blue Tarp Thinking which mirrors the merits of how we think as a remodeling firm in an umbrella-like way.

What is Blue Tarp Thinking?

Blue Tarp Thinking

Blue tarp thinking is shielding our clients from the elements. It also means that we care about our community. Weather plays a big role in our weekly meetings and our daily lives. The weather can change in an instant. When we are prepared, we use the blue tarp physically and metaphorically to cover and protect our projects.

  • Be ready for the rain.
  • Be ready for the wind.
  • Be ready for the snow.
  • Be ready for excessive heat.
  • Keeping dust out of a home.
  • Keeping our job sites clean and organized.

Tell Me More About The Community

Examples are all over the place some great efforts worked and some that did not. The point is that we care and will move heaven and earth to protect our projects. We also love our clients and their neighbors.

  1. We recently showed a client where their asphalt shingle roof was failing and allowing water to enter the home where their new cabinets will be going. Could we take action to clean the gutters and reroute them? Sure was enough insurance to make sure that the investment they are making is protected. NO. They need to replace the roof sooner than later. Advice is cheap! the investment is something they need to justify and they did the right thing.
  2. We had been remodeling next door and noticed that the neighbor was fighting with the soil preparing for a new garden. Well, our mini-excavator made short work of that. You’re welcome, neighbor.
  3. The Levco 9000. A portable high-performance gas furnace we created that can warm up a room in an instant when a furnace is turned off during a temperature-sensitive time.
  4. Helping a disabled military veteran move.
  5. Our Dump Trailer AKA the Garbage Barge is a welcome sight for neighbors with things that they have trouble getting rid of so that is a common occurrence.

Other Examples Include

This is How We Roll

  • Adding backing for things like future grab bars and window treatments
  • Including window and door flashing even when not called for
  • Participating in Contractors who Care (a NARI Chapter function that has gained national attention).
  • Using top-of-the-line sealants when low-grade would work
  • Offering our employees classes to earn national certifications in their profession
  • Working together as a team to live continuous improvement
  • Participating in Work Force Development
  • Teaching at a national level.
  • Creating an environment of family within our circle.

The Blue Flows From Us Naturally

As a company, we use the motto “Show That You Care” and so naturally any of these outpourings of compassion are not out of the ordinary, In fact, these things we do have become so commonplace that I rarely hear about them anymore.

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