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Let Levco finish your unfinished basement

Do you have a basement that is partially or completely unfinished? Levco is having all sorts of fun extracting the value out homes with unfinished basements for our clients. Boise is on the edge of a desert we have some fairly predictable water table, known soil conditions and systems for ensuring your basement stays comfortable...

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Egress Window photo Gallery

This is the nightmare no one wants to see. A fire in the basement with no way out.  Here is an example of why the building code insists that below ground living spaces must have Egress Windows.  Above ground living spaces need them too but below ground is where the biggest bang for the buck...

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Double Egress Windows Installation

The Challenge: Adding Egress windows is a favorite project of ours because it instantly increases the value of your home. It has the advantage of adding natural light and, heaven forbid if you do need to get out of your home in an emergency, it will make that task easier. The Idea: Add as much...

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