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Remodeling Is About Solving Problems

In residential remodeling, as in life, we often set out to accomplish a task and discover that our plan needs altering. We have to adapt in order to keep going in the right direction. This pattern repeats itself. Getting stuck is not an option. I share my philosophy loud and proud. There is always a...

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Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

It was getting down to crunch time and we had still not been able to get trusses designed for my project. Our garage looked good on paper but the math just wasn’t working. Construction was starting; we needed to solve this problem quickly. Building a set of stairs that were too steep seemed to be...

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Rare Double Cantilever Technique Used in Boise

We recently completed an addition with a twist. Many have done drive by’s of our project on Five Mile Road. Few have commented on our amazing structural engineering feat. This is rare and not something that happens every day. Granted it looks pretty normal to the casual observer but there is some magic involved when...

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Bearing Wall Be Gone!

In my mind, remodeling is all about using creativity and imagination to improve your living space. Much of the work is done on paper, the rest with craftspeople; ultimately, the results are astonishing. I daydream back when my North End home was built 73 years ago. Folks likely knew how many bedrooms and bathrooms they...

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SIP Remodeling Now Available

SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) are a cool way to build structures. I was introduced to them formally when my brother Maurice built a duplex with them in the Bay Area. Years later, in a preliminary design meeting with a client here in Idaho, I suggested that SIP Construction was a cool way to build strong...

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Post Tensioning & Residential Remodeling

Where is the joy and excitement in remodeling the same thing over and over? Bathrooms and kitchens are fun, don’t get me wrong, but the super creative juices only get flowing when big problems need solving. Give me a second story addition, a basement excavation on a slope, a front facade addition in the historic...

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