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Are craftsmen carpenters a dying breed?

The remodeling industry has changed dramatically in my lifetime. I was born into a construction family. When I was exposed to the remodeling industry there were no pneumatic tools, no computers, no laser tools, no battery operated tools and screws were rarely used. Sure there were Phillips screws but we used a cool tool that...

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Bearing Wall Be Gone!

In my mind, remodeling is all about using creativity and imagination to improve your living space. Much of the work is done on paper, the rest with craftspeople; ultimately, the results are astonishing. I daydream back when my North End home was built 73 years ago. Folks likely knew how many bedrooms and bathrooms they...

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SIP Remodeling Now Available

SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) are a cool way to build structures. I was introduced to them formally when my brother Maurice built a duplex with them in the Bay Area. Years later, in a preliminary design meeting with a client here in Idaho, I suggested that SIP Construction was a cool way to build strong...

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Framing Is Under way

This is the fun stuff, At Levco we blast through the rough framing with gusto. Pat and his crew impressed us all by working in between storms to set the floor walls and trusses. It is a little known fact that framing techniques although similar have improved in recent years with the advent of Green...

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Framing Tune Up

Framing in an older home is challenging to say the least. We study the existing conditions and make a plan of action based upon the new codes and structural knowledge of the materials that are available to us now. New metal connectors and straps help as well as engineered lumber to keep the look of...

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