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Drafting a Project Is an Essential Step

There is no way to succeed in remodeling without the ability to draw what the proposed project will look like. That is the bare minimum in residential remodeling. I once was told that I could get a building permit on a napkin, and by golly it worked back in the day. Now I am an...

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Laundry Chutes Anyone?

I love laundry chutes. I’m not entirely sure why, I did not have one in my childhood home. Perhaps it is the efficiency factor. Whenever I am involved in a remodeling project that has the laundry below the living space, I look for an opportunity to “shoot” the laundry down the chute. We have to...

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Plans and Specifications

When the architect went to meet with the historic folks there was a funny interaction. As it was reported to me this map was pulled up and the guy asked Mr. Neifert to pick the historic district his house was in. After looking at the map for a moment he pointed to the photo of...

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